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My finger, accustomed to the soft obedience of the passage, felt the most powerful impulse that came from the front wall, and after that everything mixed up: idle moans, uncontrollable muscle contractions, the body trying to crawl off somewhere, free itself from the newcomer and at the same time not wanting it.
Finally, everything calmed down, calmed down, and for some time we sat or lay stunned by what happened with silly and satisfied smiles on our faces.
“Take it out quietly,” the woman first broke the silence, “and you turn off, finally, my vibrator, which is why he mixes air with you.”

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Giving priority to the individual, out of respect for her, they organized at local defense enterprises in the area of ??conversion the manufacture of sexual devices for individual applications, depending on the wishes of the customer.
In shape, color and size.
And we all grieve that production is curtailed everywhere and the supply of essential goods to the counters is reduced.

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