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They covered his entire body, gently touching his arms and legs, gently stroking his shoulders, boldly feeling his biceps, and greedily sliding along the topography of the bottoms.
“You will not find a smoke?” – the crumbled purr changed for bewilderment and annoyance after his careless, – “I don’t smoke.
“Or,” “Young man, would you like to join us in the company,” is the deliberately defiant tone of one of the girls immediately dying from a counter question, “For playing with a bottle or a daisy?” right at the shore, expressively launch your hand into swimming trunks and, as if checking the availability, carefully straighten and lay down their contents, while sideways watching the effect produced.

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Already later, before going to the play, the teacher told everyone to go to the toilet before the road.
Boys and girls lined up in a common toilet, and Alena realized there that she really wanted to write.
While she was standing, the teacher came in and said: “Who peed, run to me and help me collect the flags,” and then turned to Dima: “Dima? Have you already gone? Help me collect the flags”.

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On the whole, everything was fine with us and I also began to catch myself thinking that it was interesting to me, how did it all happen to them, or rather, it’s not even interesting, but the thought about it, how it fucks it, excites me.
And so, once again, after our next act, lying in bed and stroking my wife, I quietly led her to that event, 2 years ago.

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The explosion inside her, with a volley of festive salute, threw the remnants of consciousness into the heavenly abyss, and only then slowly, like a light quill pen, smoothly sank back into the body, frozen in the chair of a small service room.
Through the veil of not yet fully returning attention, she heard with horror the sounds of slowly receding footsteps.
She turned sharply toward the door and only now noticed that the door was slightly ajar.

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