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Sergey took me by the ear and slapped his lips with a dick, dodging my mouth, I took the game again and caught his head and pulled it all into his mouth.
He took my head with his hands and pulled him to the groin, his cock was limp and not hardened, I sucked it completely in my mouth without understanding the lack of an erection, but here Seryozha pressed my head harder, and urine flowed from my penis into my mouth.
The first reaction was scare, but he held my head tightly and did not allow me to step back, all I could do was open my mouth and let the urine flow to my chest, but all the time the urine got into my throat and had to swallow.

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03 For almost 3 months I have been writing in this notebook.
How much is changed, I do not understand much, much depresses me.

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