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The ride was not long, twenty minutes, but completely limping after a long road and leaning back against the side of the minibus, my wife fell into a dream.
Katerina was in a light short dress, covering her strong thighs only up to half of the thigh.
The minibus, bouncing slightly on the potholes, was swinging the limp legs of my slumbering faithful, and then, on one of these hummocks, I noticed how Catherine’s legs parted more than she should have, and she herself slid her hips forward slightly, tearing up an already short dress: I, he himself being half asleep might not have noticed this if it were not for the reaction of the youngster sitting opposite.

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The hypnotist smiled, looking out the window of his already ex-victim.
Well, well, this dealt with her feelings.
Rising from the bench, with the one where Roman and Milan were sitting before, the man went further, because he still has so much work to do.

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In her were very few, inherent in our time, charm and charm, something deeply feminine and sexual, evoking thoughts of original sin.
There was still calm confidence in her own irresistibleness – not showy ponty, namely, confidence as something indisputable, and imperiousness softened by self-irony and a sense of humor.
And something else, something subtle, some kind of subtle note, a shade flickering in the depths of gray eyes, in the

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voice, in movements, forcing the majority of men to feel simultaneously the waves of goosebumps along the back and stirring in the pants.

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Then, when the turn of coffee came, we were seated on the same shelf and talked to Max, I got the impression that I had known Max for a hundred years, suddenly there was a knock at the door of the compartment, it opened and the guide’s face appeared in the opening, Igor slyly smiling asked how we were doing, and having received the answer that everything is super, he said that if there are problems, we can turn to him and he will do everything so that we do not need anything, and indeed, we did not experience any problems until the end of the way, and got to your destination.
As it turned out, Maxim had no place to stop, he planned to rent an apartment upon arrival, I, in turn, offered to stay with my aunt, knowing that she had a big house near the coast and there was a place for him, Max agreed to accept my offer and we caught a taxi and rushed to her aunt.
Aunt Natasha met us with great joy, I introduced her to Maxim as my friend and said that I would like him to stay with us, there was no objection from the aunt, given that she was a widow, her husband, was a sailor and died in one of the voyages, and now she lived alone with her son in a huge two-story house, she had nothing against it.

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