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Then, having fastened a silencer, he went to the opposite wall and, turning his back, having counted loudly to five, turned abruptly, fired three times, put all the bullets one by one to a point on the wall.
– Ahrenet! – exclaimed Martis, – Wow! Where did you learn so? – I haven’t gotten out of my uncle at the shooting range for two years.
– And the knives? – Passing the sharpened plates, asked Ira.

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The wolf lifted her face to the sky and howled – protractedly and hysterically.
This howl scored Iely to the depths of the soul, she could not understand the shaman’s shout imprisoned in the animal body — were it a moan of relief from the girl’s frail bladder exhausted by the many hours of waiting, or the cry of despair for the evil dragon angry at the whole world, forced to write hastily, quickly squeezing out urine itself (which, however, flowed with all the strength that the elastic muscles of the urethra were capable of), fearing the continuation of the chase, during which she experienced intolerable torment, continuing to endure, causing her already ready to explode sya bladder jump inside her body while running.
Illi was even more surprised at the kinship of the shaman with the wolf world, listening to her melancholy howl, so much like the howling of real wolves at the Moon, as if they accused her of being so bright and attractive, so far away and unattainable.

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Now I myself openly made it clear that I crave orgasm.
What the teacher did to me this time exceeded all the expectations and visions of erotic dreams that accompany youth.
Food for them are impressions from conversations, reading books, films, pictures from the lives of others, but you have not yet been personally tested.

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