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Masha got up, picked up her skirt, scraps of a blouse, the remnants of her cloak (galoshes, apparently, flew off when the creature dragged her through the forest), and went to this incomprehensible object.
She had time to see how the sexually anxious centipede crawled into the opening in the side of the metal object (it became clear from near that it was a space ship, for good reason Masha always loved science fiction), looked around, saw Masha.
The creature orgasmically shuddered and, turning its belly to Masha, showed her three of its magnificent instruments.

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Damn, yes, I myself have been like an over-ripe plum, is it a joke to play with two men for a month, not allowing anything extra to them or myself.
My hands, too, began to study, I must say from Igor, not a bad body, a little slackness concealing broad shoulders.
Rubbing against him like a cat, touching the buttons of a suit with your breasts, is painfully pleasant.

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Recovering, she tried to get up again, and again the pain in the lower abdomen made her fold in half, but this time, the woman fell on the sofa.
Lifting herself up in her arms, she lay down on the pillows, spreading her legs and spreading her arms to the side.
Going to the victim crucified on the pillows, the man first turned her arms back and fastened them to the metal bar, he also did with her legs.

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