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Wearing panties, I gently smacked Volodya smugly smiling and jumped out the door, passing by thinking that I had been fucked three times, once in my mouth and twice in the usual way, but I never even lit my tits.
Well, well, no need to dress for a long time, pulled panties, straightened her bra and ran.
When I drove home, I kissed my daughter, who had returned from kindergarten, gave instructions to the nanny, and changed into a pleated skirt that flutters freely from the hips and a transparent blouse without a bra, well, of course, throwing a denim jacket over the top.

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I didn’t have anything left to do, how to get out again, collect my things, throwing only to get to the house, and taking the lamp from the steam room with me to go to the house, finding there a suitable place for the night I lay down with a blanket and fell asleep.
I woke up in the morning after all, to my surprise, my friends each with his wife still lay merrily talking on the bed, others on the sofa.
I already thought that I dreamed all this in a nightmare, but when they began to have breakfast, I noticed how guilty they were among themselves trying not to look each other in the eyes.

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