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I saw droplets of cold sweat streaming down his face, giving out strong emotion, and it was clear that at the whim of a female who had girdled, and also taking pictures with a camera (!) Above us, in the neuropathologist’s office, the most humiliating of all that you can imagine for young man.
The doctor apparently realized that the newspaper woman could model the plots for all the new “pornography” for an infinitely long time and casually announced: – “So guys! Take your personal affairs and go to the next room! ”We both readily pressed the warm binder to the body, finally covering our own shame, and went after each other to the next door.
When we left, a familiar invitation team for new ones was heard after us: “Two, without panties!” I wonder how the journalist will behave – will they stay for taking pictures of the next “nudes” or will they drag further? Not!.

Do not see us happiness !.
The sly girl apparently knew that it was now more profitable for her to continue driving with the already “processed” guys than to waste energy on admonishing and subjugating the other two, who were not yet morally intimidated.
In the therapist’s office, we were treated much faster, blood pressure was measured and forced to squat several times to determine the frequency of the changing pulse.
Not done, of course, without photographing.
Five or six pictures of more or less “decent” content, without protrusion of the genitals and contrived inflamed imagination of “plots”.
Although, all the same, our photographing took place in a stripped-down form and with an emphasis on the genital parts of the body, for example, in full face, sitting on a chair, with the prohibition to throw one leg over the other – during blood pressure measurement.
I still could not seize the moment to share my conjectures with Tolik! The time to “process” the subjects was carefully saved and we just had time to carry out the orders of the therapist.

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Aunt therapist.
she managed herself, without the help of a nurse, did not waste time on explanations – although everything was clear.
She patiently pushed away, letting the keen “photographers” shoot subjects at the right angle.
Again – some relief from being able to hide behind a personal file and a feeling of being protected from constant visibility of the genitals, but only during the transition to another room.
We went inside, looked around – and both were frozen in a stupor and waiting for the most unpleasant.
We were in the office of a neurologist !.
What now will make a rude journalist? The woman was well informed by someone and in her purse she had a letter prepared in advance, apparently with the order and visa of the Head of the military enlistment office to give her every help and clarify any questions that might arise.
This paper was solemnly laid out on the doctor’s table, and all those present waited for his reactions and decisions.
The neuropathologist turned out to be a middle-aged man, who was silently acquainted with the

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contents of the letter, and then he asked what information he could provide for the correspondent.
And this little girl immediately asked: “Tell me please, the chief doctor in the first room promised me that, as an exception, in EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES, for writing an article, in the neuropathologist’s office, an indicative collection of ejaculate from conscripts can be made.
“She deftly threw her notebook with a note on the table, which seems to be an uncommon doctor from the first room.
– “Can I take a picture while doing this?”
– ingratiating, but, as if knowing the answer in advance, asked the lass.
The man frowned in response, shrugged and replied that it is POSSIBLE if you really need it for training purposes and writing an article.
We stood as thunder struck, instinctively huddled together, unable to give life saving folders.
Of course, it became clear that there was no hope that, perhaps by luck, we would be able to avoid such a destructive-humiliating procedure !!! Meanwhile, the neuropathologist put on surgical gloves, and got a simple set from the locker for the upcoming execution.
Two transparent shallow polyethylene glasses, a vial of alcohol, cotton, tweezers and a tube with some kind of petroleum jelly.
I felt how Tolyan instinctively shook his whole body, his breathing became faster and he could not contain the trembling in his knees.
His excitement was quickly transmitted to me, too — with all the fibers of my soul I resisted the upcoming procedure and prayed that something unforeseen would happen, such as an earthquake, or would cause this neuropathologist urgently somewhere.
– “The donor must be prepared to take the ejaculate” began his explanations neurologist. Amateur hidden cam lesbian. Hidden camera public masturbation.

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