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To liven up the conversation, the boy offered Kate to play cards.
She did not refuse.
Having slept in the afternoon, now she was not at

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all inclined to sleep.

The boy offered to play stripping, which is why Katya, who did not see the man in the boy at all, did not refuse.
And on the contrary, even once it was revived, not remembering that with someone else had ever played such savory games.
She was sure of herself, the figure she needed, so she and the cards in hand.
She handed out and won the first batch.
The boy took off his T-shirt, and remained sitting in thin cotton shorts.
My wife lost the next game, and in order to follow the rules of the game, she had to throw off a light airy dress.
Katya, a little embarrassed, not assuming that so soon she would remain in negligee, she sat in front of the boy only in underwear – panties and a bra.
Having missed another glass of wine, my wife felt emancipated and ceased to be embarrassed.
The game continued: The third game was again for her, which made Katerina even scream enthusiastically: “I’m in luck”, she joked.
The guy had to take off the cotton shorts, however, he somehow lowered his gaze uncertainly and, without looking into the eyes of my wife, shifted from one foot to the other.

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Katya playfully pouted her lips and announced that she had to play fair.
After some deliberation, the boy finally untied the ribbon of his shorts and quickly let go, stepped over them and sat down again at the table.
Katerina, suffocated from embarrassment, the guy was completely naked.
She did not assume that the guy is nothing more than shorts.
There was nowhere to go, the situation was on the verge of a foul.
Hop, spinning the head of my wife, did not allow her to soberly assess the situation, so she found nothing better than to continue the game.
Another con, and having lost it, Katerina realized that there was no way back – she lost and would have to part with another part of her clothes.
Feelings of inevitable nudging aroused Katya, and after a little thought, she immediately pulled off her panties, not rising from the table.
Thus, my spouse finally lost her mind, decided that she would outwit the guy in such a way, having covered her nudity at the table.
Another lot and another loss.
Having lost the last game, my wife understood the inevitability of full nudity in front of some teenager, but for some reason she felt from this a pleasant languor in the lower abdomen.
Not wanting to be completely naked in a strange courtyard, in front of a stranger to her boyfriend, and fearing my presence through the wall in the guest house, Katerina tried to excuse herself, but the boy was insistent.
Then Kate gathered all her thoughts together, jumped at the last saving straw, and suggested to the impudent young man to replace removing the bra for fulfilling some of his desires, if only it was not connected with undressing. Sex and the city watch online. Indian aunty sex online.

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