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Artem had no time to persuade.
Subject licked my ass, as in porn lick pussy, he came into my tongue, and I was somewhere far away.
But his head, which entered my ass, quickly brought me back to the ground.

I moaned like only girls moan.
Artem gave me a bit of getting used to and in one motion planted me completely on his dick.

It happened, he filled me up.
I was happy.
Nika was happy, Nikita was gone.
– Fuck me, Temochka, – only I could moan.
My lover started with slow smooth movements, then everything went a little faster.
He threw me on the stomach without removing his penis, and continued to fuck my hole.
It was very nice, the pain was almost not felt, because the girls should not be hurt.
It lasted a couple more minutes.
Then the shocks became sharp, very strong, almost cruel.
And I felt Artem cum in my ass.
Warm jets of sperm filled me up and I came too.
It was fleeting, but how nice.
Artyom was in no hurry to pull his dick out of my anus.
He stroked my back through the dress and said that I had a great girl.

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The evening began interestingly.
Thank you for reading my new story.
Hope you enjoyed it.
See you!

There, Christina and Zhenya began to dress me up.
There were different options, during the selection, we argued like real girlfriends and in the end I stood in front of them in all its glory.
A turquoise translucent skirt that emphasizes the beauty of my legs and buttocks, a white blouse with ruffles and a jabot of a fitted and non-concealing neckline plus a light jacket that elegantly accentuates the figure.
The trick was that my image was elegant and sweet, but by no means vulgar, at the same time I was breathing sex all right.
-Girls, thank you so much! – I was so glad.
-No what, Lalachka is our work and I must admit, very pleasant.
said Zhenya.
– I don’t know how to thank you.
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