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Therefore, having learned how to jerk off himself, Vladik switched to his ass, or rather, to this little hole.
He began to pay more and more attention to her.
He loved, having become a crustacean on the bed, to spread his hands on the halves of the priests, to flaunt his hole.

Having smeared a finger with saliva, he would tear it up, putting it into a tight hole first, one, then two and three fingers.
Soon this was not enough, and Vlad began to look for suitable items for his ass.
But that’s another story.
To be continued.

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There were no free single rooms in the hotel, and I was offered, since I was alone (as circumstances were), to stay for a couple of days in a 3-bed room at the price of a bed.
To which I agreed.
Putting things in the room I went to dinner, returning back took a shower and sitting on the couch began to watch TV.
In general, the evening did not foretell anything unusual.
But at about 10 pm, the entrance door opened and the 2nd male of Caucasian appearance entered the room (as it turned out, the Azerbaijanis). Camgirl sex videos. Movies with sex online.

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