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and freeze fingers in a couple of centimeters from the labia, already exposed, waiting, poured.
I look up, trying to catch Katya’s gaze.
Terribly interesting, what thoughts are now rushing in her head? Again, a couple of times I briefly touch the vershinok of the external labia (now the sensations should be even sharper), stroke them from the side, around the circumference, and lightly touch the already protruding internal (Katya shudders again).

With a relaxed brush, from bottom to top, I spend all of her pussy and suddenly press my hand tightly to it (Katya breathes loudly and breathes for a few seconds).
Now I already need stimulation myself.

Without taking one hand away from the Kate’s genitalia, with the other I take the hand of my partner and put it on my hard cock (I love women’s hands!).
Katya clasps his palm and masturbates.
I hold her hand a little: slower, don’t rush.
I only need to slightly stun the brain by injecting a small portion of PEA (phenylethylamine) in order to remove the remnants of the barriers and whip up imagination.

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I begin to submerge my hand inside Katina’s pussy deeper, stroke the walls of the outer labia inside, caress and gently squeeze the petals of the inner, gently massage the clitoris, shallowly slip my fingers into the vagina.
Katya flows and clearly loses attention, as she stops rocking my penis with her hand, and then completely drops her onto the bed.
Not scary, I already got what I wanted.
Therefore, for some time, having cared for Katya with my hand, I decide to raise her confidence and gratitude to me.
Namely, to remind that in addition to the hands, I still have lips and tongue.
I spread my partner’s legs and settle down between them.
Kate was very nervous, what would it mean? Is this a kind of male affection for her as a wonder?
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