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She was almost unconscious.
To be continued.
SUSAN SUEHNK When a small private jet began to descend, describing a wide arc, Ruth Shepard leaned toward the porthole.

Through the gaps in the clouds far below, I saw the ocean, the endless aquamarine surface.
Ruth straightened the skirt of a suit made by a famous fashion designer.
A squint looked at the woman next to her in an eye mask covering the upper part of her face.
Nancy Brougen, vice president of a well-known American design firm, quietly snuffled.
She fell asleep shortly after takeoff.
Ruth would gladly follow her example, but the conversation with Nancy did not come out of her head.
When Ruth asked if she received the letter, Nancy replied: “Of course.
Mine came to the address of the company.
I thought that this is another course to improve my managerial talent.
You cannot even imagine how many courses and seminars I have attended. ”Then Nancy rolled her eyes and shrugged.
– I always do what the leadership tells me.
This is the highest manifestation of the team spirit – she opened her purse from Gucci, took out a sheet of paper.
– Here is the letter.
I think every woman sitting in the cabin of this plane has the same. ”
Ruth glanced at the letter.
All right, she got exactly that.
Nancy was asked to collect things and come to the airport.
All expenses will be paid.
The trip will take five days.
The question of whether or not to go was not even raised.
She was holding not a letter, but an order.
“Since you are here, it means that you took the letter the same way I did,” Nancy said when Ruth returned the letter to her.

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She nodded.
– Behind every woman who has achieved

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– There is another woman or man, just waiting for a chance to shove you aside and sit at your table! – laughed Nancy.
“Exactly,” Ruth laughed.
– That’s why I took this challenge.
Without a single question.
I am ready for anything to get the better of competitors.
“Good girl,” Nancy smiled broadly.
– Similar tests are now in fashion.
And only God knows what awaits us in the future.
Truth be told, Ruth thought that some transnational corporation was after them.
If so, it turned out that she went to the home stretch.
The rest of the women were also highly qualified specialists in their chosen profession.
“We are landing,” Ruth did not take her eyes off the overgrown hills.
Nancy sat up, took off her mask, stretched.
– Where are we? God, is this a landing strip? More like a goat trail.
Ladies, hold on tight.
As soon as Ruth got out of the plane, the heat seemed to throw a hot, damp blanket over her.
Within seconds, she was soaked with sweat, there was no trace of her expensive hair, her hair stuck to the skull.
A wave of irritation overwhelmed her.
In this form, I did not want to appear to future employers.
It only remained to hope that they would be given time to put themselves in order before the solemn meeting.
Ruth carried with her a mountain of cosmetics everywhere.
Fortunately, air conditioners worked in the cars.
Twenty minutes later, the SUV that Ruth was riding in stopped at a pseudo-Hawaiian village.
Bungalows with bamboo walls and a roof of palm leaves stood in the middle of emerald lawns.
Everywhere grew bright tropical flowers.
Men in snow-white uniforms approached jeeps to greet arriving women and show them their rooms.
“Please come with me, ma’am,” a handsome young man said to Ruth.
“See you later, shark,” Nancy waved to her.
Ruth liked the room.
On the bamboo table was a basket of fruit.
Next lay a postcard.
She was congratulated on her arrival and was recommended to change into comfortable clothes and arrive for instruction in the main building, which she could see through the window of the bungalow.
Ruth pulled out of her suitcase shorts, a white cotton shirt and sandals, and then got into the shower.
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