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I didn’t know whether or not Ada got bored with it or did she really need money.
One way or another, she intended to sell her mother.
I did not object to this.

When Ada asked her mother about this, she begged her to stay with her.
But in the end, Ada, as always, knocked her agreement.
I was present during the sale process.
It was something! Ada chose a buyer from a variety of applicants.
Of course the most perverted man.
I only know his name Victor.
Ada showed him mother as a commodity.
He watched her body, genitals.
Like a thing.
At first they walked through her biography: – How old is she? “38,” answered Ada.
– What time did you get married? – In 20, – I prompted.
– What time did you give birth? – In 21-n, – I again prompted.
Then came the inspection of her body.
Mother naked with hands fastened above her head stood in front of the sofa, where the buyer and Ada were sitting.
Victor fingers penetrated her bosom and anus.
From pleasure he already smacked.
Peasant liking stigma.
Ada said that he, too, can put his initials, for example, between the pubis and the navel, or on the mother’s hips.
He declared that he would definitely mark her.
They discussed the mother in the dirtiest terms and details: – How does her pussy? – Victor asked, – Spirals not? And then I want to fuck her without a prezik.

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– No, no, – Ada answered, – but there are no problems, put it yourself.
– Does it flow fast? – Oh yeah! Just a bitch, some sort.
– Well, torture.
Needles fond of? – Not.
I flogged her every other day, perhaps that’s all.
– I love needles.
If I poke through her boobs, do you mind? – No, of course.
But only in moderation and caution.
Although no, all at your discretion.

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In this dialogue, the mother froze.
And I, probably, happily anticipated what was waiting for her in this man.
When the sale process came to an end.
Victor once again decided to announce the condition of the transaction.
– Term of sale – forever.
– Right.
With the opportunity to visit her at any time convenient for you.
With these words, the mother’s eyes were moistened.
She heard it for the first time.
Seeing a pitiful mine on the face of her slave, Ada tried to cheer her up: – Do not worry, I will often visit you.
Do you believe me? Mother only nodded.
– There are no restrictions.
Right? – continued Victor.
– Yes.
In addition to causing serious injuries.
And yet it is advisable to do everything on a voluntary basis.
– It will all depend on her.
But I think we will get along.
Then the two of us together with Ada recounted the money.
It was 70 thousand dollars.
Payment occurred in two parts.
Another 50-m Victor must pay in a month.
With Ada, we agreed to split the money equally.
After the new owner moved the mother to live with her, I saw her only once in the last year.
About two months after her move.
She already had new stamps.
The man decided to put them again on the buttocks, only they were larger, and were put above the first.
These were the initials – “VK”.
He also replaced the badge in the perineum, replacing it with a heavier and larger one, naturally with his inscription.
Immediately what catches your eye is her blue chest.
It was probably Viktor’s favorite place for his amusements in the body of the slave he had bought. Gay blowjob webcam. Gay teen webcam sex.

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