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I want to know your decision as the head of the family.
– I would go next time.
I liked it there.

And people are interesting and the atmosphere is good.
– I completely agree with you, just let’s go in a week.

– Why? “Because I will have days during which we have nothing to do there.”
– OK, in a week.
Two weeks flew by.
What is most interesting, Oleg never remembered what had happened.
Truth and sex life with her and Nadia became quite intense, almost every day.
Even when Nadia had periods, she did not refuse the spouse in a blow job.
Two days before the trip to the club, the couple abandoned sex, saving themselves for the event.
And then came the day trip.

She swallowed all his sperm, continuing to suck the head of his penis until she drained it completely.
Finally, he released his penis and sat on the bed near his wife and boys.
“Mnn! That was amazing, Willy.
Sue doesn’t even suspect that she missed.
Wait, let me lick this last drop.
Mnn! Thank you, and thank you boys.
You were really very nice.
“” Well, I think I should go now, Mrs.

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My mother will be worried about me.
I do not know how to thank you.
I was not expecting.
never even dreamed of.
I wanted to say it was amazing.
“” That is enough Fred.
You were very good, and I am very pleased that you finished three times! Just hurry back and bring your friends.
Come here and let me lick your dick and kiss him goodbye.
Mnn! It’s great.
Thank you, Fred.
Billy, help Fred find his clothes and escort him.
There remains one more member that I have not even seen.
Suzy Suzy! “” Yes, mommy, I’m here.
“” I know you’re here, dear.
Now that you took Mr. Sex open live. Benson’s cock out of your mouth, why don’t you bring him here? I don’t even know him.
“” Oh, mom! Not now! He was about to fuck me.
“” No, right now.
He can fuck you later.
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