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I tried very hard and she liked it.
I don’t say anything about myself, but if the truth is, then the blowjob that she’s been doing to me for half a year brought no less pleasure.
And soon we went to the student camp, where this “misunderstanding” occurred.

Favorite girl, Sun, sea, wine, dancing in the evening, sneaking sex from classmates.
Everything went just fine.
Once we decided to make a kebab, we went to the city to buy mutton, but we need to have a drink to the kebab and the boys and I went to the village for wine.
Our girls and my Lena stayed in the camp.
We walked really long and dark.
And then there’s 20 liters of homemade wine, which we did not drink much, but sipped.
Finally we heard the noise of a disco.
I already wanted to see Lena, as we met two of our girls, a guy was walking with them, who, noticing us, immediately retreated.
I asked them about Lena, but did not hear anything intelligible.
Turning up the run, I almost ran out onto the dance floor, there was no Lena, I got scared and ran to the dining room, she wasn’t there! I trotted over to us to her complex and was not there.
I ran out the other side and accidentally turned my head towards the mountain.

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It seemed to me: No need to check.
I knew that there was a stack of firewood.
I very quietly approached there.

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Lena sat on the wood, his head bowed, and a stranger to me sat next to her squatting.
She was dressed in a suit of shorts and a blouse, and his hands were on my Lenochka’s lap.
And not just lay, and caressed them.
The guy said, and nothing new was there: she is beautiful as a goddess, he only saw her and then he fell in love and so on.
The words did not act on my girlfriend, and then the guy got down to business.
He stood up and began to unbutton her jacket, with a bra he acted cynically, just holding it up.
The sight of her beautiful big breast aroused him and he began to paw her, several times kissing her nipples.
He deftly lowered his pants and I saw his big cock.
He threw Elena’s hair and pulled her head to his member, drove a member to her lips, but as he did not try, Lena did not open her mouth, however, like her eyes.
Then he took and just opened his fingers.
I saw how the head of his penis disappeared in her mouth.
But she could not suck him, and he quickly changed his position.
He raised her, her “storm” in a terrible way, she ate standing.
Not letting her fall, he turned her back to him, and wrapped his arms around her chest.
One movement, he bent it on the logs, the other pulled down shorts and panties.
He patted her buttocks cheerfully.
One hand holding it so that it does not fall, the other pulled out a condom from the top pocket of the tank top, and pulled it onto the penis.
Another movement, op and he is inside. Free mobile live sex chat. Xxxxxcrazylovexxxxx s bio and free webcam.

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