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You understood! I had a strange interest in this story, I had to find out in detail how they did it, perhaps, in order to understand why she did it.
Well, just don’t interrupt me – Katya answered quietly.
She nervously folded her arms in her lap, looked at the floor somewhere, and sighed heavily, continued.

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Natalka, fearfully listening to the voices from the next room, quickly unbuttoned her pants and swallowed a member that had not yet risen.
A second later, the member was in full combat readiness.
The neighbor wanted to lean on top, but Natalka, in a sober mind, pulled on a mini-bikini and a jumper, went to the door, listened.

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During these years, his member was quite large and often “got up” in shorts spontaneously, which often brought inconvenience to Vladik, especially if it happened in school.
Information about the sexual development of a teenager in those days was not, porn was also difficult to access, so you had to learn your own body.
Vladik imagined what sex is when you put your cock in a girl in pussy.

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And when I learned that I was also an engineer and had an interesting job in a solid research institute, I was completely stunned and could not even delicately hide my bewilderment.
No, in the subtext of our conversation there was no hint of a condemnation of me for prostitution.
“I want to understand the psychological motives that drive you,” he said.

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Valentina, however, lying on her back and sitting on a healthy member was in complete prostration.
Stopping at the exit, I looked again.
From the entrance if you look like and nothing in the garage did not happen if the Lexus did not go shaking like an earthquake, and everything was closed by the car.

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