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Olga, of course, did not see that he was looking at this ring.
Oli’s hands were cuffed with palms outward, in the usual situation the emblem would have been almost imperceptible.
Olga could not turn his emblem from the palm of his hand because of the clamps on his fingers.

When he tried to touch the ring, Olga first tried to pull her hand away, but her hands were constrained, then she clenched her hand into a fist.
However, Alexander managed to see the ring well enough.

It seems that it was not from silver, but from platinum.
A small BDSM emblem was engraved on a plane that did not strongly protrude beyond the dimensions of the ring.
– And this guy is original.
It seems that the ring is very expensive, from platinum.
And so, did he decide to quit it? – Alexander was surprised.
Olga said nothing.
– It is a pity eyes are blindfolded – Alexander thought – it is impossible to look at them.
– Then you have to arrange a confrontation – Alexander changed the subject.
Then the rumble of chains began to be heard in the corridor, and Marina appeared on the threshold.

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Seeing that Oli’s mouth was free, and meeting Alexander’s disapproving glance, she rushed to Olga with a shout: “What did you do about him about me?” Marina did not take into account that her legs were still shackled with shackles, and a sharp movement of her legs led only to loss of balance.
Alexander managed to catch Marina in time and put her on the floor, on his stomach.
Quickly he took the chain and the lock, which fixed the waist of one of the girls, he wrapped the chain around Marinina’s waist, the loose, rather long end of the chain, let it go through the chain of shackles on the Marinin’s legs, quickly pulled up the end of the chain, that the chain of shackles was pulled and locked.
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