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My attention was attracted by the voices of boys, who amicably greeted someone.
Even a senior for some reason showed interest.
Or maybe the new tenant simply asked him about something, and my son, properly educated, politely answered.

Now, restoring the events in my memory, I try to find at least some kind of clue in the name of this person.
And nothing, I do not remember him.
But I perfectly remember his appearance.
Probably because he was the exact opposite of my husband.
Not tall, stocky, obviously younger than me, but not much.
He had some interesting, lively eyes.
Even in the twilight of the evening reserved seat, they shone almost catlike glitter.
And he smiled.
Open, without grimaces, without flirting.
I noticed that I looked up and finally emerged from the whirlpool of introspection, said simply: “Hello, listen, my son has a birthday today, but I don’t have time, I will come only tomorrow morning, let’s celebrate with me!” a bottle of brandy.

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The boys get a chocolate bar.
We drink cognac from glasses, a young man.
(ah, let’s call him Anton, there must be some name) tells me about his wife, his son turned three that day, how proud he is, proud of himself, only he lingered on a business trip, did not have time for his birthday.
I talk about my boys.
I can talk about them for hours.
We are going to one station, so we have no hurry.
The bottle gradually becomes empty, conversations become frivolous.
My boys were swayed by the sound of wheels, they peacefully snuffle on their upper shelves.
We go to the vestibule to smoke.
The carriage is mostly asleep, outside the window already past midnight.
– Lara, and you know, you’re cool.
– C’mon, it’s brandy in you says.
– No, really cool! And it comes so close to me.

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And I know that I want him, I knew even when he appeared before my eyes.
But on the train, in the reserved seat? How? I lean my back against the wall, spread my legs slightly and move forward, towards a hand that is already full of shorts on the panties.
Then it was strange for me in the summer not to wear underwear under the dress, it is now that I am doing this trick calmly.
And then I was an exemplary mother, an exemplary wife.
Of course, the consciousness clouded with cognac and a smoked cigarette remove the brakes, but so that’s it!
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