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Of course, on the contrary in a chair sits Santa Claus or Santa Claus, the devil will disassemble them, and winks at me merrily.
– Would you, grandfather, away.
You will wait for a present from you, of course.

Which year the prince ask.
And they only come in a dream, you wake up, zilch, there is no one, just a cold bed.
– Yes, trouble, – Grandfather Frost grunted, – It wouldn’t be worthwhile to ask that the farm would fit, a slow cooker for example.
– Oh, no, I would not trade a living person for an electric pan.
– I want a prince! – I finished it.
– Oh, and insistent you Vasilisa, already tired of princes for you all over the world to seek out.
You got me your requests.
I have so many of them sent you to you, and you? Frozen in indignation.
– When it, you sent me princes? Oh, what a liar you are, grandfather, got used to kids to hang noodles on their ears.
– Eh, Vasilisushka, Vasilisushka.
Do you remember Vovka Ryazanov? You have met Svetka Gudimenko at your birthday party.
I remembered Vovka Ryazanov.
Auburn, with cannabis, reading Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Kant, Berdyaev and other philosophers, constantly repeating something about the perishability of life.

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– So this prince was ?! And so in appearance at once and you will not tell.
“And what did you do to him, remember?” – What, what, I wanted to show him – being determines consciousness, and not vice versa.
Well, she made delicious borscht.
More precisely not I – mum.
But these are trifles.
In general, then I wanted to try the action of the easiest way to get the heart of a man.
I thought, if you feed him well, maybe he will stop boring to philosophize and say that the man is a self-sufficient creature, which the couple, in general, is not needed.
But everything turned out not very well, the whole pot of hot borscht was on his pants, scalding what the self-sufficient organism basically didn’t need.
And I have nothing to say to my arm: “Say you are going to a woman, do not forget to grab the whip.”
– And Kolka Buddozer, remember? – And this prince was ?! Here, I never would have thought.
Kolka Buddozer justified his nickname.
Bodybuilder – hefty, baggy, like

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a cupboard.
He did not even hear about Schopenaur, however, as well as about Hemingway, Marquez, Eric Marie Remarque.
He also didn’t tell his last name about anything: Brahms, Wagner, Scriabin and Schumann.
It alarmed me a little, because I’m not only beautiful Vasilisa, but I also imagine myself wise.
Well, in the sense that I know a couple of clever words.
Suppose: franchising, lobbying, eclecticism, conjuncture, marginals, cabbalics, gadget and some others.
However, Kolka Bulldozer had one undoubted advantage, he was the only friend of a man who could fit my chest in his palm. Hot teen webcam xxx. Hd teen sex online.

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