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She was jealous of me, because she just got a blowjob to some juvenile kid.
But what to do? Read Chernyshevsky! The next morning, Grandma asked me to go shopping for bread and mayonnaise.
Approaching the store, I immediately noticed the excited gaze of some smelly bum who was lying at the door.

! Having bought everything I needed, I went out and inadvertently dropped my wallet on the ground.
Bomzhara smartly grabbed him and hid somewhere under his clothes.
– Give my wallet, fagot! – I was really scared, because my grandmother would have torn off my head for the lost money.
-What a wallet? – he lustfully looked at my long legs.
– Suka, drive the purse! – I knew that it was impossible to go home without a wallet.
-And what I get for this? – smiled bichugan, showing his toothless smelly mouth.
– Fuck you.
– I want you to drive me the skin.
– he knew that it would be difficult to refuse, because I am not in that position.
I sighed and said.
– Okay, bitch guts, went for the store.
He quickly got up and I saw that his member had already reared.
Involuntarily, my pussy began to trickle slowly, and I exhaled deeply, that I immediately noticed the bumbler.

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– Do not worry, I will not tell anyone.
We went into a small dark niche behind the store, and the homeless immediately took off his pants.
My gaze introduced a big red hose, covered in small pimples.
When did he last take

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a shower ?! He carried old urine and shit.
But there was no way out, I had to get down to business.
I wrapped my arm around his dick and began to prank.
But he was too dry, and the skin on him went from side to side.
– Help your grease, – advised the homeless.
Then he extended his hand and unceremoniously climbed into my panties.
My cunt demanded that it be pulled.
But with my mind I understood that this was an old bum, and yet still sick.
– Do you want your wallet back? – I had nothing to answer, and I complied.
He ran his rough palm over my wet crotch and rubbed my standing member with my juices.
I again took up the task, the benefit now everything went much easier.
I hoped that he would finish, and that would be the end of it, pardon the pun.
But it was not there! He sharply set me down with a crustacean (my favorite pose), and here I lost control.
The bum got out of my package a jar of mayonnaise, opened it, took it with his fingers and began to smear it on the member.
Then the same amount of mayonnaise he poured into my anus.
I have never tried anal sex, but there was no way back.
Substituting his swollen end to my second hole, he gently inserted the hose into my ass.
At first it was a bit unpleasant, but then, as he increased the pace, I began to like it more and more.
He began to hammer his stake into me, and I heard the mayonnaise squish in my bottom. Asian lesbian hidden cam. Indian hidden cam sex scandal videos.

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