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The ride was not long, twenty minutes, but completely limping after a long road and leaning back against the side of the minibus, my wife fell into a dream.
Katerina was in a light short dress, covering her strong thighs only up to half of the thigh.
The minibus, bouncing slightly on the potholes, was swinging the limp legs of my slumbering faithful, and then, on one of these hummocks, I noticed how Catherine’s legs parted more than she should have, and she herself slid her hips forward slightly, tearing up an already short dress: I, he himself being half asleep might not have noticed this if it were not for the reaction of the youngster sitting opposite.

Reddening, trying not to look in the direction of my wife, the guy struggled with excitement surging at him.
I, throwing off the remnants of sleep, looked at Katerina and was stunned: what kind of picture did the guy observe, if I saw a dress stitching to my hips, which opened between my wife’s stretched legs a thin strip of white cotton enveloping the fleshy lump of Catherine’s nature.
I quickly pulled back the dress of my wife, briefly reading in the eyes of the young man annoyance and disappointment.

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When I reached my relatives’ house, I and my wife, leaving the things in the hallway, met the owners.
Aunt Ira was tanned pyshechka, 45 years old.
Her husband, as I expected, did not leave a pleasant impression of himself – a shabby little man under the hop, with some lustful gleam in his eyes.
During the welcome hugs with my wife, he somehow embarrassedly embraced her waist so that his other hand fell exactly on Katerina’s buttock, but she didn’t pay attention to such embarrassment.
Suddenly my heart turned cold – a young man came out of another room, already familiar to me by bus, he was the son of Aunt Ira.
Truly the world is small! I saw him better, he was my height, only too thin.
We met, with a satisfied smirk, he gave a hand to Catherine, for some reason looking at me with superiority.
At this ceremony ended and my wife and I retired to the guest house.
A small, wooden house looked awkward, but on closer inspection it turned out to be very cozy.
A large bed in a bright corner with three large windows of the room did not creak and was lined with new creaking starch sheets.
We quickly settled down

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, had a snack, took a shower in the yard and decided to lie down from the road.
Katya, having thrown off her dress, immediately fell asleep without hind legs, and I, recalling the juicy details of the trip in the route taxi, noticed that I was getting excited.
I began to look at the sleeping Katerina, she lay down next to the blanket right in knitted underwear – lace bodice and tiny tango panties.
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