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But Dimka, even if he understood my wishes, was not at all about to fulfill them.
His hand pressed against my back, causing her to bend.

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The second hand pulled my ass up, adjusting my body for comfortable penetration of his penis.
My hole was right in front of the agitated body Dimka.
I felt that his head stuck to my swollen petals and scared me with his perseverance, causing my crack to shrink from fear of the upcoming action.
My body trembled, realizing that the inevitable was about to happen.
I was very scared, because I knew that it would hurt.
But more than the fear of pain, I was tormented by an insult for myself.
I was hurt and embarrassed that for my lustful behavior, now I have to pay my swell.
Dimka firmly squeezed me by the hips and moved his body, and the head of his penis easily entered me in the slit.
Petals happily parted and tenderly embraced the guest, directing him to where no one was allowed to enter.
There shrank from horror, beaten to pieces, virgin.
I felt like a member enters into me, as it easily slides on the abundantly oiled vagina and rests on my jewel.
I bite my hand, sticking my teeth into my skin, realizing that Dimka will now take the most expensive payment, taking my virginity.
I seem to see myself from the side.
I see my body lying on its side, with shorts and panties lowered to the knees.
With a bare ass and wet lye, which includes a strong, fat male member.
I even see Dimka’s body, his bare and sweaty back, lowered shorts on his legs, clenching the buttocks from the strain.
I see how a part of his body fits into me, wanting to fuck a lustful female.
And the samochka herself squeals and suffers this humiliation.
Dimka leaned on me with his whole body, and I was on my stomach.

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My legs were aggressively moved apart by his knee, and they spread out so widely that the guy’s hips were free to fall between them.
My shorts, along with her panties, Dimka with my foot pulled off below the knees so that my legs could move even more apart.
I felt like the panties were stretched on my calves.
I was banally pressed and laid out for good fucking.
In this position, I could not even breathe freely, not to mention attempts to resist penetration.
But I still tried to escape and postpone the sentence.
I began to push off with my knees from the floor of the tent, trying to push my ass away from the member already inserted into me, saving the virginity.
But the knees slipped, and the body did not move a millimeter.
But the member of the guy moved much more confident and faster.
At some point, I felt pain and tension inside my slits.
My dear sister stretched and resisted the onslaught of Dimkin’s member, wanting to save her mistress from dishonor.
Dimka wrapped his arms around me.
One of his hands was on my chest, and the other took the neck.
His lips were near my ear.
It became hard for me to breathe, Dimka squeezed my throat so hard.
– It will be necessary to suffer a little bit, Vikus.
Like a mosquito bite.
I did not even understand if Dimka said this or.
it was a telepathic contact, but I froze and the next moment, I felt how I was bitten painfully on my earlobe.
I wanted to cry out in pain and surprise, but my throat was tight and I only managed to mumble something.
And then she felt like a hot and hard object tore my hymen, and very quickly entered me.
I did not even have time to understand whether it was painful, everything happened so quickly.
Only a glimpse of something bursting inside, a gliding burning organ, and a new sense of fullness where it was always empty.
In an instant, I had a strange organism inside of me, which was in charge of my innermost place.
– Well, here you are and not a girl, Vikus! Now I knew for sure that Dimka himself was really saying this.
But even without his comment, I understood that I was “printed out.”
I perfectly felt his dick in my vagina, I felt how he was pushing the walls of the still very narrow and not ready for sex girl’s womb.
Dimka did not move, allowing me to get used to the new organ in my body and new feelings for me.
And these feelings beat over the edge.
I was very sad on the one hand and easy on the other.
It was a pity to part with virginity and childhood.
It’s a shame that they took me because of my own stupidity and not quite at will. Lesbian sex stories online. Mature lesbian webcam.

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