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I felt like a young girl, who was deprived of virginity by an adult uncle.
“And you like it,” undisguised surprise was heard in your voice.
– Wow!!! Yes, if I knew before.

You got up from the couch, and, turning to me, again put a member to my lips.
I obediently opened my mouth, and he was again in my mouth.
You started to work your hips, deeper and deeper piercing me with this MIRACLE.
Yes, now in front of me was not a monster, but a wonderful body that I loved and was eager to get it in the ass.
Fucking me in the mouth, you’re more and more excited.
From the beginning, your hands held my head.
But this was no longer required.
I didn’t want to let go of your toy.
When you finally took it out of my mouth, I even reached out of inertia, but you just gently slapped my hand over my lips and said.
– Not all at once.
You will have many more opportunities to hone blowjob skills.
And now we will check how ready your ass is.
Lie down on your back.
I hurried to execute the order.
All this time, the long term was in me, stretching my hole for the older “brother”.
You ordered me to take the “classic pose.”
“I’m going to rape you and make a nice, nice little girl from a nice little boy!” Do you want to have sex? Do you want me to fuck you? I’m going to fuck you.
And I’m going to fuck you very hard.
I’m going to put this big dick in your little hole and fuck you until you cry and beg me to fuck you deeper and harder! So get ready for a member of your Mistress, you’re a little girl.
I’m coming! With these words, you pulled a member sticking them out of my ass, and he slipped out with a clear voice.
Without hesitation, you put your dick to a narrowing hole and began to slowly penetrate into me.
I groaned in pain.

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It seemed to me tearing in two.
I began to crawl, trying to move away, but you grabbed my thighs and continued to swing, centimeter by centimeter, pushing me onto my toy.
You kept your eyes on me, tracking the whole gamut of feelings running across my face, from wild pain to the moment when this pain receded.
And at the same moment I felt how your thighs touched my buttocks.
I realized that I was fully impaled on twenty centimeters of flesh.
I didn’t care that this flesh was artificial.
In me, she was quite viable, thanks to your experience of domination.
You slowly pulled a member out of me, but only to push it again.
Even stronger and deeper! And soon he was slipping in me without encountering much resistance.
You swayed vigorously with your hips, keeping on your knees, fucking me in a sharp, fierce rhythm.
Each blow sent a powerful push to my insides, and your beautiful thighs slapped my unfolded buttocks with incredible strength.
Your eyes clouded with a veil of passion.
You stretched to your full height over me, holding onto your hands and toes and continued to ram me in a frantic rhythm.
I did not understand anything, and only my oohs and ahs showed that I was on the verge of an orgasm.
The rhythm of your movements has become incredible.
Pulling a member up to the head

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itself, and then slapping it back over and over again, you created a sequence of such incredibly deep shocks that I screamed pain and pleasure.
At this time, my trembling penis finally exploded, filling both of us with streams of my hot sperm.
Your tremors have become slower, but stronger.
Finally you screamed, plunging into an orgasm, and collapsed on me.
We slowly recovered.
You still lay on me and did not remove the member from my ass.
Waves ran through your body, you shuddered, and I shuddered with you.
Finally, you raised yourself on your elbow and looked at me.
– Well, now you are practically no different from a girl.
And from that moment you become it.
I will fuck you as I want and when I want.
And you will podmahivat and ask for supplements as an insatiable little slut.
Otherwise you will be punished.
YOU UNDERSTOOD? Speak! – Yes, I understood, my Lady.
You can fuck me at any time, ”I said in a thin voice and wiggled my hips.
– Calm down, I need a break and a wash.
“You took a member out of me.”
– Come after me, I need your tongue.
You got up and walked to the bathroom with a satisfied cat.
I, with difficulty moving my legs, slid along.
I understood that this was only the beginning.
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