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Apparently, the wine made itself felt, as her cheeks were colored with a blush and her eyes glittered attractingly.
Slowly, moving away from the crowd, we entered a practically deserted part of the cemetery, where there were very old pails and beautiful crypts.
Walking, I casually touched her perfect body.

She did not interfere with this and eventually even took her arm herself.
We went quite far into the cemetery and stopped at a beautiful gravestone.
I looked into her eyes.
Gods, how beautiful they were.
she stood opposite me.
Beautiful, perfect, desired.
I kissed her cherry lips.
Her eyes widened for a moment, for apparently she did not expect this from me.
I thought she would push me away or something.
But she hugged me and our tongues entwined into one, like snakes wriggling and caressing each other.
She closed her eyes, and kissed her and admired her Face.
How beautiful she was.
Our kiss was long and passionate.
I felt her breathing becoming more frequent, and mine could no longer be called calm.
My heart was pounding.
“I want you.
“I said gently.
She looked at me with her brown eyes, smiled and, taking her hand, walked toward the undergrowth of bushes.
“How trite.
with such a girl and the banal “fuck up” in the bushes “I thought wistfully.
But to my surprise.
there was a dilapidated crypt behind the bushes, where we went.
In the center of this small room was, apparently, a headstone of a right-angled form, not particularly large, 50 centimeters, on which I threw my cloak.
She sat down and I again, eagerly, pounced on her and began to kiss.
I kissed her, she answered me passionately as well.
My hands tended to slide over her beautiful body.
Climbing under the hem of her dress, passing his hand through the stockings, I reached her panties.

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they were already wet.
my fingers pushed this obstacle away and began to slide over its dripping ooze.
A gentle moan came from her lips.
With my second hand, I groped for the fastener of her corset.
A lightning flashed quietly and my breasts appeared to my gaze.
Milky white, elastic with pink papillae.
I began to knead and kiss them, nibbling nipples.
She moaned and melted under my caresses.
My cock was ready to explode only from her groans.
I tried to remove the remnants of her clothes, so that it does not interfere with caressing her completely.
My goddess helped me and remained lying on a pile of our clothes only in stockings and black lace panties.
I started kissing her lips again, and she unbuttoned my shirt, caressing my torso.
My kisses went lower on her neck, drooping to her chest.
I kissed her in the hollow between the elastic breasts, licked and bit her nipples.
She served me all the time to meet me, but in spite of my wild desire, I wanted to caress her perfect body.
My kisses fell on her flat tummy and continued to sink lower.
I picked up her panties and pulled them down.
Her pubis was trimmed with a wedge converging on her lips.
I swept over this wedge and slid down a little.
She shuddered and gasped.
I moved and found myself between her legs.
She no longer oozed, but flowed.
Under it formed a wet stain from its juices.
I approached her crack and gently ran my tongue from the hole to the clitoris, playing a little with him.
Her groan was very stratsy and on the verge of orgasm.
I began to lick her, then playing with the clitoris, then simply had her tongue.
She moaned and fed to me with her whole body.
There was a lot of lubrication and I decided to play with her anus and began to caress him with my finger.
She stiffened, but I did not back down.
My finger, abundantly smeared with its juices, began to penetrate its hole, and my tongue was making unbelievable pirouettes on her clitoris.
And so, I got inside her and began to have her ass finger.
She stiffened, grabbed my hair and pressed me to her crotch.
I even more passionately dug my tongue and lips into her, continuing to have her gorgeous ass, as she, arching and scaring her furious moan of birds, finished and exhaustedly collapsed on a bunch of our clothes.
I got up, unbuckled my pants

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, threw them on the floor, and began to attach myself to her.
I began to rub the head of her clitoris, tearing weak moans from her bitten lips.
she tried to plant herself on my core, but I did not give. Real hidden cam orgasm. Daddy anal daughter real hidden cam.

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