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Then I closed my eyes and finished with such force that, probably, all the neighbors heard me and envied me.
I finished so cool that I didn’t even hear how Edgar got up and went to the bathroom.
Angela continued to caress me and when I opened my eyes, I saw how the husband of a friend was already naked coming to us.

Even after I finished, I really wanted a dick.
And the sooner the better.
I took his protruding dick with my hand and pulled it to my lips.
I sat naked in front of him on the couch and looked into his eyes from below.
Then I gently licked the head of his penis, then gently took it all in my mouth, clasped my lips and moved my head back, and then forward again so that my nose touched his pubic hair.
His wife caressed my back and breasts.
I did not want him to cum in my mouth.
Sucking a bit, I lay back on my back, and with my hand pulled him to his dick to his hole.
He knelt in front of the sofa, and I myself inserted his wet dick into me.
Imagine how he felt when he fucked my sweet fucking cum.
About the same as you are now.
By the way, at that moment, I heard my phone being overwhelmed by your calls.
I even had a crazy idea to reply to you and talk to you at that moment when another member fucks me.
And I was even going to do it, but you suddenly stopped calling.
And we continued.
Edgar kept my legs apart on weight and fucked, fucked faster and faster.
I felt that he was about to reach orgasm and asked not to cum in me.
Then he took out his penis and began to help himself.
His sperm was so much, and he ended so violently that the jet flew over me on the back of the sofa and even on the wall behind it. Hamster live sex chat. Adult sex movies online free.

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