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Nothing to hide from you! – That’s why we.
– And they came here in handcuffs and “bound by one goal, chained together”! Both girls laughed merrily.
– Ksyusha, it seemed to me that I saw this machine in a photo from Igor’s club and Marina was sitting on it.

– You have a keen eye.
You guessed.
Farhad really put Marina on him.
And then his goat named Whip began to really torture her.
Well Igor stopped him in time.
By the way, this is the goat Whip and abused you when you played the quest.
For which he paid with his head.
And how did you know that I was there? – On the ring.
The whip enthusiastically told how he tortured you with a vibrator, and how he then squeezed your fingers.
– This whip is crazy? – Yes, I think so.
Pathological sadist with an obsessive desire to torture to death.
– And what did he get up with Marina then? – I did not want to remember it, okay.
Farhad liked the legs of this Marina very much and he wanted to moderately whip her on the soles of the feet.
When this goat left you alone with the vibrator, Marina was taken to us to the “dungeon of pleasures” there she was well backed off by her feet.
– Have you been there? – Yes.
And even walked on her legs.
Only you will not tell her about it under any circumstances.
By the way, how is she? – She is doing well.

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She recently married our employee, who then miraculously set us free.
Incidentally, I do not know why Igor did not free us.
“I told you, he crashed to death.”
Frontal collision through his fault.
Probably, I was driving you out of my game.
Olya, I just now realized that maybe Marina indirectly owes her life to you.
– It’s like, I did not catch.
– If this goat Whip would not have raped you with a vibrator, and would not tell us about your ring, you would have

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remained alive.
After the death of Farhad, who forbade him to touch Marina under the penalty of being shot, he would definitely find her and, most likely, would have tried to kill him.
– Are you jealous of Farhad to Marina? – Yes.
And I am very glad that she is all right now.
I barely opened my eyes.
Damn, I’m late for work.
I tried to get out of bed, tangled in a blanket and crashed to the floor.
Well, we will consider this morning exercise.
I quickly took a shower and put on my makeup, I froze in front of the closet.
Eh, what to wear.
It is warm outside and promises to be even hotter.
Glance fell on a light dress.
In the mirror reflected a tall slim girl, nineteen years old.
Black hair tied into a high tail, the tip of which reached the waist.
Gray eyes framed fluffy eyelashes, plump lips shone invitingly.
The dress fitted the breast of the third size, and from the hips spread out in soft waves.
But what I liked most was the touch of new lingerie.
Black pieces of silk brought me a friend from France.
From the memories of my gratitude, the lower abdomen sank sweetly, and the pussy was moistened.
It is a pity that time is short.
I would like a little discharge.
Pulling on the slender legs, open black sandals on the 12 centimeter heels, and grabbing the bag, I jumped out the door.
How not strange on the bus I managed.
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