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“It seems to me that Monet is still better at conveying the psychology of relationships,” said Masha.
– What about Monet ?! Only Vadim is obsessed with him – he goes everywhere and does nothing more than taldychit: “Monet, Monet”.
He looked suspiciously at her face, but stumbled upon the serenely blue depth of her gaze and turned his eyes to the side.

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It also fills my intellectual, spiritual life, as well as the love of literature, art in all its forms.
I donate not all my time to work with clients, but only a part of it.
In total, no more than two weeks a month and only the second half of the day until eleven or twelve in the evening.

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The skirt on her leaped up, and Dimkin shorts, on the contrary, slowly crawled down to the joy of a member tearing from his pants.
Stretching upwards, the trunk startled by excitement tried to look out.
Dimka realized that the slippery head of the lubricant, having moved the elastic, had already crawled out of the fashionable narrow bottoms, and the shorts continued to crawl.

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The panoramic window facing the bay at that moment, like a giant television set, showed the last minutes of sunset over the depths of the sea, and the reflections of this sunset, these last dying sun rays were the only source of light that illuminated her hushed home.
They were dimly reflected in the huge mirrors, in the stained glass windows of the glass doors, in the crystal of many vases, accustomed to daily chic bouquets, but now they are empty.
Karina glanced at the sun, already almost hidden under the waves, and for a moment it seemed to her that it was not the sun at all, and her life was sinking now in the black sea abyss, plummeting to the very bottom.

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