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From my throat broke out an animal roar, and from the penis – a jet of sperm.
Helen all swallowed, licked the remnants of the seed from the head and commanded: – That’s it! Shot! Thanks to all! Dress! The team was given on time, because literally three minutes later a crowd of mad-gone radiomen broke into the studio, led by the author of the video, eager to catch us at the most delicate moment.
But we were sitting on the couch at a respectable distance and fully dressed: The movie, by the way, was excellent.

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But now, because of the turn, a train emerged, like a snake, and stopped, as expected, at the platform.
Marina entered the car, a man in jeans – in the other, the train jerked, and the trees sailed outside the window, taking the woman away from the village, where she was about half an hour ago, she had a lover, and she succumbed to him with her whole being, read him out the house screams and languid moans.
They had been acquainted with him for about a year and a half, and during this entire period, each time her husband went on night duty, she would go and go to him.

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And finally, feeling that Liza, at the next shout, “more strongly” huddled in her orgasm and felt how her ass cut tightly squeezes his cock, he could not hold back any longer and rapidly finished past the last few times as sharply and deeper as possible.
And having collapsed powerless on each other, they slept soundly.
The next day, he woke up only in the evening, with a terrible headache, and first of all he wanted to embrace his beautiful mistress and it was possible to continue what he started at night.

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The conversation took place in a lonely gazebo and, without waiting for the doctor’s consent, the woman quickly unbuttoned her skirt and took off her pants.
Leaning back on the bench, as in a gynecological chair, she spread her legs wide and spread her lips over her hands, opening the crotch for viewing.
“I was taken aback at the first moment,” the writer told, “but then I pretended that I was carefully studying the structure of her genitals.”

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what words to think and say about it, the way it will look-be considered – that was the whole point! The whole thing was in the words – in the interpretation.
Well, what words can be in the barracks? We know what.
Hare was absolutely not mistaken about the public interpretation of same-sex contacts among his peers and peers – he grew up in a society and environment where such contacts in the worst, but steadfast traditions of church and criminal attitudes towards them are still considered shameful and humiliating.

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I hoarse, saliva swallow, I say something, I beg for mercy, And I myself melt like a candle And I’m already burning! The heart beats like a hangover, Nausea and fear, They crush the walls of the dungeon, Chains with a heavy necklace Hang on their hands.
Crying (this is allowed), It hurts.
just horror.

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