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Pasha immediately began to kiss Nastya, giving her the combined taste of vodka, pickled cucumbers and onions.
But still, the passionate hugs and the strength of the boy’s hands turned out to be so effective that Nastya could not resist and responded to caresses, either from the effects of wine, or from the fact that she had long ago decided that if Pasha required more than just caresses, she wouldn’t will refuse him.
Of course, it was not the most romantic entourage for this action, but the noise in the head from red wine and light dizziness completely replaced the generally accepted romantic accessories.

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Damn, yes, I myself have been like an over-ripe plum, is it a joke to play with two men for a month, not allowing anything extra to them or myself.
My hands, too, began to study, I must say from Igor, not a bad body, a little slackness concealing broad shoulders.
Rubbing against him like a cat, touching the buttons of a suit with your breasts, is painfully pleasant.

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Sergey started slowly fucking me in the ass.
With his every movement, the pain gradually dulled, did not disappear, but it became so painful, bursting, but at the same time causing some burning pleasure.
I did not expect it myself, I even started podmahivat, it seemed to me a hot piston pierces through me! But, as I understand now, Sergey barely introduced a member in half, but he began to fuck me faster and more vigorously.

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