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First in the morning there is a conflict situation in the cafe, and then in the evening exactly the same.
Isn’t it strange? It is logical for the first two weeks to work with the first shift.
– Wait! And why change? Why not each individually? – How do you imagine that? They work quietly from day to day, and then there is a conflict and all employees have conflict situations.

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She, however, did not show excessive intrusiveness, but she probably would have got to the bottom of the truth.
But I was alert, had a certain resourcefulness and cunning, awakened by sex, and deftly avoided the strict vigilance of the mother, who loved me and showed vigilant care of my chastity.
When I got used to the teacher enough, got used to it and completely stopped being shy, I began to take everything he did to me for granted.

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The cork came in without problems, I just managed to cry out in pain and my knees buckled, but my dick got up, from which my mother concluded that I like it.
After this incident, our life has changed.
During the time when my father was away on business trips, she ordered me to wear thongs and walk with a traffic jam in the pope.

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The second push and I fell on my stomach, and my lover lay on top, having entered me completely.
His eggs lay on my buttocks, and the penis stretched the anus and straightened the rectum to an unusual length, rested against something that, in completion of the cutting pain in the anus, was given a dull pain in the abdomen.
I pounded my fists on the floor and tried to throw off Zhenya, but it was useless.

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