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To get a better view of the new landscape for himself, he ordered her to spread her legs wider, she obediently spread her knees, continuing to lick the floor.
He leaned over her ass and began to paw her entire crotch.
In this case, as if to myself, arguing out loud: “Good, devil, and Zhopen just like to order, but that’s not designed, but oh well, let’s work on it, and pussy just as I like, in the right place and not too wide.

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Ie her, Valya.
When he saw his acquaintances, he approached them, not even suspecting that just a meter and a half away from him, behind the tinted windows of an SUV, now lies his spouse’s bare face, which for almost an hour has already been drilled into every hole of his acquaintances, his friend Oleg and the shop guard.
– Hello, Rom – answered Andrei – things are super, and you? “I’m fine too,” answered Roma.

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And there were always some incidents with us: then at his work, when suddenly passion came up, and we indulged in love, in the midst of it, he did not keep me, and I rode all over my office in a chair in lowered shorts; for some reason, it occurred to him to check the extensibility of the condom, he jumped off and clicked him in one place; then he forgot to take off his watch and, in a frenzy of love, I almost knocked out my front tooth; then one day, having decided to please me with a cunnilingus, he suddenly sneezed.
But the last straw in the series of “signs” was a comical situation that was already sad.
My beloved had a long-cherished dream.

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At first I inserted only the middle finger into her pussy, then I began to enter two, and after another minute three fingers.
To make it a little more comfortable, I lowered her pants and panties so that I could even see my fingers entering her.
Since her bra was somehow hard-uncomfortable, her chest could not be felt at all, I pulled my hand out from under the sweatshirt, unbuttoned it from above and climbed into the cup of bra from above.

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