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“And on the seventh day, I’ll call friends, and we’ll have a party.”
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A minute later, Edward, today he never had to wear panties, stood on this cot on all fours and indifferently watched as the “bikini-designer” fixed his arms and legs with special straps.

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I’m a maniac – a rapist.
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All you bitches are! Serve you only the rich! A simple guy, horseradish spill! Of course, where can I get so much money? In order to make such a beauty like you fuck, my entire salary is not enough, ”the taxi driver philosophized, undoing his pants.

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Puzzled by this question, I posted a profile on a dating site.
I would never have thought that there are so many perverts on the Internet! There was a feeling that besides them there were no more prostitutes on dating sites in general! On the first day, several dozen suggestions came from the monkeys in his wife’s stockings to meet and fuck them in the ass! Nightmare! I think so – if you want to be a woman, be it always, and not only when your wife turned away!
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