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On the whole, everything was fine with us and I also began to catch myself thinking that it was interesting to me, how did it all happen to them, or rather, it’s not even interesting, but the thought about it, how it fucks it, excites me.
And so, once again, after our next act, lying in bed and stroking my wife, I quietly led her to that event, 2 years ago.

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I expected that having anointed me with baby oil, the aunt would smell and fasten my diaper, but Jenny instead went silently to the door.
“Lie on the table,” she threw to me before leaving the room.
Noticing that the two girls were looking at me between my legs again, I blushed embarrassingly and quickly put my diaper down.

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You will have to love them! We all have a honeymoon ahead! And then the whole life! Be our faithful wife and give birth to many, many children! Here is such a wedding present from us! – Well, why only wife! And mom! Will you, ummm.
your tits, sweetie milk then feed! We will all be your children! We will sleep with you and suck tits! – said the sitting man, licking his lips.
Tears flowed from Anini’s eyes.

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The pleasure from the first penetration of a woman’s bosom in life was incomparable, and I froze, trying to fully experience it.
Then I moved back, taking the penis out of the tender hugs, and almost completely stepping out again, pushed forward again.
I wanted to move quickly and abruptly, but I restrained, remembering Lariskin advice “not to rush.”

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