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But this is only one side of family life.
In addition, I cook food, fix old clothes and sew new ones (on my hands, without a sewing machine).
And the preparation of stocks of dry cheese from cow’s milk, the preparation of melted butter and smoked meat.

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Meanwhile, Baikal spread its legs on the table, so that his dick was right in front of my wife, he removed the condom and put it on her back.

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Spawn, the front side of the thighs, the lower part of their inner side.
I push Kate’s legs apart a little, she is absolutely obedient, but she starts to tremble slightly.
I, slowly, stroking the inner side of her thighs, gradually raising my hands to my panties, and at the last moment (Kate froze), without touching her labia, move my hands higher to the lower abdomen (she should, if not see, then feel this moment that is about to and.

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