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Already in the distance, the motley roofs of country houses seemed to appear, and a minute later I tentatively stepped onto a high platform.
It was not my first visit to this region, but a slight insecurity always accompanied me at the time of leaving the train.
Just a moment ago, it was possible to change my mind, pass this station by, to later take the return route and return to Moscow.

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(not intelligible words) Female voice, I understand you saw a beautiful girl and you wanted to get acquainted? Or did you like my friend’s car? Vitalka – Yeah, the car is beautiful, but you’re so much better! Female voice – You climbed into someone else’s car without asking, so get out of here immediately or you will make big problems for your father! And why is it so dark in the garage, what did you turn off the light on purpose? Vitalka – the folder says that at first.
in the dark it is easier for women to relax.

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Do you have everything, now everyone has begun to express himself with metaphors so that there is more fog and no one immediately comes to the point? I myself, of course, understood that he resorted to such allegoricalness in order to somewhat soften the unusualness of his desire, which in our relations was news and could shock me.
I wanted to approach the variant of interest to him in a roundabout way so that in the event of a refusal to be able to more easily move back to the initial positions.
“Well, then,” I thought, “the main thing, as Napoleon said, is to join the battle, but it will be clear there.”

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The girl, greatly ashamed of what was happening, gently unfastened the metal parts of an unknown costume

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Undoubtedly, its design was familiar to her.
Reached, to the panties gently snow-colored, she lowered them almost to the knees and, sticking out her sweet tongue, prepared to perform an awkward order.

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