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Everything is already here, just waiting for you! Yeah, me.
how come
I know what are you waiting for.

Snack you do not have enough.
Sasha brought some alcohol, but I have all the products.
Vitka threw a shovel and dragged packets of food from the trunk.
Alik started to kindle a brazier, and I followed Olka into the house.
Work was in full swing there — Sashka was jumping around the fuming oven, and his Svetka and Natasha Alikova fussed around the table.
Olka rode upstairs to change into a festive one, and, on reflection, I returned to Alik.
There though the air is fresh.
The event itself began about three hours later.
All sat down at the table and amicably shaking their glasses congratulated the present defenders.
Then again.
And further.
They went on the porch to smoke.
And again congratulated.
In general, all according to plan.
A little tired of the long sitting at the table, the whole company fell out onto the street.
Alik brought two handfuls of fireworks left over from the New Year holidays and immediately launched with loud cries.
The women

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quickly froze and returned to the warm house to the TV, and we still stood under the snow from the gloomy sky, which beautifully sparkled from the light falling from the window.
And then suddenly the light in the window went out.

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– Ali-and-ik! – Natasha’s cry came from the open window immediately.
– I go, I go – he threw a cigarette.
There was a slight commotion in the house, sometimes reaching panic.
Everything was aggravated by pitch darkness, until someone opened the stove door.
Red reflections at least helped not to stumble over furniture.
Alik and his brother, cursing, fumbled around the electrical panel, highlighting his phone.
– This is not ours.
– issued the conclusion of Vitka.
– Most likely in the transformer something, on the other end of the village.
– Can we get off? – suggested Alik.
– I’m coming for you! – Natasha resisted.
– There is nothing to get drunk in electricity, kill more.
Tomorrow you go.
There must be candles somewhere.
The holiday continued by candlelight.
Without a tv was boring.
Music from the phones saved the situation only in part.
Thus, it all came down to the commonplace “pour and drink.”
The result was not long in coming – I did not even remember how I disconnected.
I woke up in the middle of the night, seemingly on the couch, already in silence and darkness.
Hop still in vain wandered in my head and was terribly thirsty.
Behind, near the wall, someone snored.
Ahead, too, was someone’s body.
I gently pulled my hand around me, trying to determine whose company I was.
Judging by the size of the carcass behind it, it could only be Vitka.
In front, I came across the edge of the skirt and the thigh tightened in pantyhose with a woman lying with my back to me.
In fact, from the very beginning it was decided to the peasants to sleep on the first floor, and the women on the second, but apparently the concept has changed along the way.
Olka, I guess.
– I thought, touching the female body in different places in order to determine the type of the figure and the material of the clothes – she had such a skirt.
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