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Olga ordered all slaves to call herself that way.
Barbie was her favorite slave, but despite this she got the most out of it.
Olga did not allow anyone to descend, and the slaves were very afraid of her.

Barbie always tried to please her Mistress, and she herself really liked to serve such a smart, imperious girl like Olga.
She helped the Lady get dressed.
Olga was dressed in a chic, black latex suit, which very much emphasized her beautiful figure.
Boots, also made of latex, high-heeled, above the knees, well complemented the suit of the Lady.
Taking slaves for leashes, Olga went down to the basement with them.
As soon as the new slaves began to serve Katerina and Olga, Olga ordered that they always wore leashes on collars, and so that they did not stick out and did not drag on the floor, the slaves filled them with a collar.
Katya hung on chains, she was completely naked, slaves on Olga’s orders, as soon as they went down to the basement and hung up Catherine, they tore off all her clothes from her.
-Well, that will take care of your education.
How many times have I dreamed how you hang naked, helpless on chains in front of me.
– Olga, why do you do this

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to me, why did you tell slaves to undress me, why do you humiliate me so much?
Katya’s face burned a slap.
-I, for you no longer Olga, but the Mistress or Mistress, but actually call me, like all slaves – Your Majesty.
Forget about your pride, you are now the same slave as everyone and you are no different from them.
Barbie give me a whip.

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Barbie quickly crawled over to the Lady with a whip in her teeth.
“I won’t tie your mouth yet, I want to listen to how you will scream and then whine.”
She began to strike with a rubber whip.
Catherine was unaccustomed to pain, it was difficult for her to bear the blows, especially since she herself only punished her slaves, and she never in her life accepted punishment.
After the first blows, she began to scream.
-What, bitch, do not like, this is just the beginning, get used to the pain, now you have to constantly experience my “love” for yourself, but if you behave yourself, I probably will not punish you so much, but I will beat you for my sake fun
She did not stop striking and beat more and more, Katya was already screaming in full voice.
-Oh, please stop, I will obey you.
Olga began to whip with all her strength, so that the skin in some places from the blows began to burst.
– Shit, I think the Russian language said how to contact me.
And stop whining, you get on my nerves.
Barbie, sharpen this bitch mouth, insert into it a gag in the form of a member.
She struck ten more times and settled herself comfortably on the sofa.
-Barby, pull the gag out of her lousy pharynx.
Well, that, tattered sheep, I understood how to contact me.
Yes, Your Majesty.
-I told you that quite a bit of time will pass, and you will be a slut, like silk.
Chmonya, Bitch, remove her from the chains, put her hands behind her back and bite her in handcuffs.
And, you, the creature crawling on your belly to me, I will continue to continue your education.
When the slaves uncoupled Katya from the chains, brought her hands back and wanted to put on handcuffs, she pulled away from them and rushed at Olga.
Gathering all her strength and despite the pain from the blows, she ran into Olga, grabbed her hair and threw it from the sofa to the floor.
Olga did not expect such a thing from Catherine, she thought that Katya had already resigned to her fate and had taken Olghina in power.
She was at first confused, but her mind quickly returned to her, she tried to change the course of the fight to her side, but the attack was so unexpected, and Kate acted with such force and pressure that she lay under Catherine’s weight and could not help it. Teens having sex on camera. Sex and the city free online watch.

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