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Finally he poured out completely and let go of Natasha’s hips.
And she exhaustedly slowly fell on a lounger, moving down from the trunk of a young man.
The ass smacked miserably and Natasha fell completely on the lounger.

Utah immediately lay down next to her and began to gently stroke the wet body of her lover, saying affectionate words to her, in the local language.
Natasha was awakened by a tender licking between her legs.
It was still night and the young lover wanted more.
Feeling that she was awake, Utah rose and entered her already standing member.
Vagina habitually took in this tool, and Natasha embraced his strong body with her hands.
Now the pace of intercourse was slow, affectionate and gentle.
Utah moved cautiously inside, trying to give the girl an unearthly pleasure.

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His efforts were crowned with a hoarse sigh that ended Natasha.
Gently lifting her legs up, Utah put them on his shoulders and changed the hole.
Ass just as easily took in a member of a man.
Utah immediately entered at full length and pressed against Natasha’s buttocks.
She was not surprised at anything, but only floated on the waves of pleasure.
Anal intercourse proceeded at the same leisurely pace, while Utah managed to caress the girl’s clitoris.
The second orgasm came a little longer, but was longer and sweeter.
Utah again changed the hole and in a few strokes filled his girl’s vagina with his sperm.
Then, without removing the penis from the vagina, he turned Natasha on his side, lay down behind them, and so embracing them, they fell asleep.
So flowed day after day.

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In the afternoon, Natasha helped Utah with the housework, tidied up the house, looked after the animals.
After lunch, they went for a walk, and each time Utah found a new place to enjoy the girl’s mouth.
Natasha was already used to being fed with sperm during the day and even fell in love with this life-giving drink.
At night, however, Utah arranged a sex marathon for the girl.
All its openings experienced stretching its tireless trunk.
He had time to enjoy her body two or even three times.
Ass stretched quickly and easily took in his cock.
Natasha just started to worry that on arrival home, there is no such trunk so that it does not dangle in her designed holes.
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