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I refused a trip, referring to study.
It was raining outside the window, September did not want to give Indian summer to the residents of our city, and this caused melancholy and unwillingness to do anything, so I sat in an armchair and read a collection of fantastic stories.
– Andrei, go on a weekend trip to the dacha, get out of there and take my laptop from there, my mom said suddenly.

The prospect of spending the weekend in splendid isolation at home was covered with a copper basin.
“Well,” I said without enthusiasm, and I began to think who to take with me so that it would not be boring.
Maxim – the best friend – spends this weekend with a girl, Stas – will not go to the dacha exactly in this weather, referring to employment at the university.
Two more friends also remained on the list of those who did not want to go.
It would have been best to go with a girl, but for a month now we broke up, and she left for another.
It seems,

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it is necessary to be dragged in such a distance alone.
After spending my parents’ evening at the station, I returned home and went to the store near the house.
Near the refrigerator was my longtime acquaintance Lena, who lived in the next house and was a year younger than me – she was 19 years old.
– Hello, Andrei, – Lenka smiled and waved her hand.
We have not communicated with her for two years, only occasionally crossing in the yard.
Previously, we studied in the same school, walked together and changed books, but then I entered the university, she began to prepare for the EGE and our communication came to an end.

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“Hello, Len,” I replied, somewhat uncertainly, and at the same time joyfully.
Our communication has always been friendly, for some reason I have never thought about relationships with Lena.
She was very shy, but a kind and interesting girl, and I often regretted that we stopped talking.
Exchanging a few phrases about life, I invited her to visit me tonight, on this occasion buying a small cake.
She agreed, everyone bought what they came to the store for, and went home, agreeing to meet with me in half an hour.
We drank tea, ate cake and chatted about all sorts of nonsense.
It turned out that Lena traveled to Poland in the summer, began to learn to play the guitar and generally missed me.
I told her that I worked in the summer, collected a new computer for myself, and I was almost bored more.
We spent a couple of hours talking, after which I remembered the cottage.
– I’m going to the cottage tomorrow on business, do you want to make a company? “After lunch and all the weekend I am free,” Lena said happily, without thinking.
Having agreed to meet tomorrow at two o’clock at her entrance, we said goodbye and she left.
Then, perhaps, I first thought of Lena as a girl.
We sat in the train and looked at the rain outside the window.
The gray sky and the rocking of the car caused a desire to sleep, and Lena gave up first, sleeping on my shoulder.
I put on my headphones and dozed off too.
An hour later we were on the spot.
The rain was over, but it was cold and windy.
We, berating the weather and trembling, went to the bus stop.
The bus arrived immediately and drove us 20 minutes to the desired stop.
“You have to go to the store,” I suggested.
Having bought everything I needed and almost left the store, Lena asked if I drink alcohol.
– In general, sometimes it happens, but what? – Let’s buy.
I did not expect this from her, but I decided that it was a good idea and bought wine.
The country house greeted us with cold and dark shutters.
Opening them, I began to kindle a fireplace.
Lena went on the first floor and admired this “cozy house”.
When the fire broke out, we decided to eat.
“I’ve never been with a guy in the country,” she smiled, chewing a sandwich.
So, since I hadn’t chewed my piece yet, I just had to smile at her.
– Do you have a girlfriend? – No, broke up in the summer. Europa cam sex. Cam masturbation videos.

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