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slept soundly, the slaves did not even think for a minute to disobey the order of the Mistress and to treat their duties not with due diligence.
Three weeks after the events described in “Poor Anya”.
I and my closest associate sat in a small coffee shop in the center of Moscow.

It was a light rain outside, the coffee was warm, we didn’t want to do anything.
Silence was first broken by my associate.
-Well, Oberst? How is Anya? -Everything is good.
She got great, but she is lucky.
Not a single turning point.
– Not bad, Oberst.
– Tell me honestly, Manyachny, am I a coward? -Oberst! Where do such thoughts come from? “You see, many adversaries here say that I have not made any attempt to help her.
-Well yes! There she was holding a dozen armed thugs, you were stumbled to a pulp and abandoned.
Well at least we managed to clink.
Do not mind it! Society will never support the Nazis, if it lives on false ideals.
It is better for them to tolerate humiliation from illegal migrant workers and allow their daughters to be sluts from Arab sheikhs than to support us.
And we want our compatriots to be happy! And they stubbornly understand this! “Yes, Manyachny, we cannot see a monument in our lifetime,” I grinned.
My phone rang in my pocket.
“Listen, Oberst,” a voice rasped in the phone, “we caught one slut from the leadership of the hostile group that you and Anya attacked then.
Go ahead, we are waiting for you at the 50th kilometer of the Yaroslavl highway.

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“Come on, Manyachny,” I said.
– The thing is.
We sat in the battered “Nissan” and drove in the direction indicated.
-Oberst, are you not soaring about human ingratitude? – asked Manyach when we drove along Mira Avenue.
These are our beliefs, – I answered, cutting some “penny”.
– Understand, Manyachny, we have very influential patrons at the top.
They constantly block the oxygen, but they still get out.
They can not yet come to power, but be sure.
this doomsday will come someday.
-When? -I do not know.
The bulk of the people do not really support us.
But in the future.
– It’s a shame, Oberst, that we are just six.
-Do not mind it.
We are just students! We have not even graduated from the university! We still have everything ahead! Yes, and we are not so six.
We are not ordinary bulls.
Do not worry!.
Come on, better cheer up.
Now at least we will recoup.
Somewhere in an hour, we turned onto a country road and drove up to a group of young guys standing

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near four cars.
-Hello, Oberst! -Salute! Where is the slut? In the lodge? -Yes.
Let’s go.
What to do with it? Rape and kill? – We’ll see.
In the gatehouse on the floor lay a girl in a white bathing suit.
In appearance, she was my age, I was ready to argue that she had not yet exchanged the second ten.
-Start! – I ordered.
One of the guys took the girl’s little finger and put it in a vice, then tightly twisted.
There was an unpleasant crunch and a wild howl through the gag.
I walked over to her and squatted down.
“What wonderful curls,” I thought.
Unable to cope with myself, I touched my sweaty forehead with my hand and threw back a strand of her luxurious hair.
My heart has become dirty.
About two years ago I had a girlfriend with the same wonderful hair.
I sincerely loved her, threw it with expensive gifts and literally wore it on my hands.
But she left me.
Traded on some idiot from a provincial institute.
He had no mind, no ability, no love for her.
And I loved her.
Anya is now far from my love.
But she left me and started kadrit that guy.
He has zero attention to her.
And I went from despair to the Nazis, where he curled up in two years. What is webcam sex. Naked kazakh webcam.

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