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Yes, here are the real whores, get ready, the next three hours you hang here.
We were horrified and looked at each other, in our eyes was both fear and arousal.
The men got traffic jams, smeared us and began to insert.

The first ones fucked us for a long time, for about half an hour, Katka moaned very strongly, it was clear that she was very sick.
And so the first ones finished, there were a lot of sperm, we put some bowls under us, so that sperm flowed out of our butts.
Bowls were about 3 liters each.
The first ones told us that they would dry us up until the sperm from the bowls was poured over the edges.
We realized that it was necessary for at least 10 peasants to finish so much.
They began to peck us for a long time, about three hours for sure, I was just hanging like a piece of lifeless flesh, I already did not feel anything, And Katenka was still very vigorous, she was swaying, helping the peasants and wagging her ass.
I decided to prove to everyone that I was no worse than her and began to do it with great difficulty too, only much faster and more intensively.
Passed about another hour.
All sperm poured over the edges.
I was very happy.
We were carefully removed and told.
“Good sluts, but we just won’t let you go.”
– what else should we do? Are you a little ?! – Asked Kate.
– Nothing, just drink all the sperm.
– They said laughing and gave us bowls of sperm.
There was no way out, we began to swallow liters of semen.
Drank about a third, more just physically did not climb.
– What more can you not ?! – Asked one of the men.
We nodded in agreement.
– You still stay with the sperm.
– Again, said the same man.
Katya and I were laid on the bed, stomachs down, our butts were so big that the fist went in without any obstacles.

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We began to pour it into the rectum.
Entered the whole to the last drop.
The men ordered us not to get up and called the seller.
He brought the biggest butt plugs, probably 9 centimeters wide, they stuffed us in the ass and told us not to reach them.
We were allowed to get dressed and leave.
At the exit, the seller went to us and gave us a huge, rubber phallus, probably 50 cm long and 15-20 cm wide.
We took them and went.
We were very tired, but tomorrow we were shooting and we had to buy more clothes for the street and linen.
We went to the first hyper-market and bought everything there.
On the way home, sperm gurgled into us.
We came home, decided that it was impossible for the good to disappear, and poured everything into bottles of champagne.
Then he showered, changed into new stockings, underwear and silk dressing gowns, and his chest was never removed.
We lay in the hall on the couch, watched porn on TV, drank sperm and kissed.
We drank all the sperm quickly, it was very tasty, after which we lay hugging and talking.
We decided that it was our best day in life, even though our butts were a bit sore, but still that pleasant feeling when you, against

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your will, were fucked by a bunch of unfamiliar men, we were pleased.
We fell asleep early to get ready for shooting in the morning.
Everything in this story is NOT invented, I will wait for your letters.
If someone is interested, I can tell the address of the store.
Write here: I would be very happy to talk.
It all started at a time when I was 12 years old.
For the first time I put a small candle in my butt.
Why I do not know myself, but when I did it, I received an unexpected pleasure that I had not experienced before.
After that, it all started.
I don’t know if I’m blue, but I’m not attracted to sex with men.
Although I use my ass in full.
I usually do this quite rarely, but if the opportunity arises, then I can’t be stopped here.
When the opportunity to stay at home alone falls out, my body seems to be changing.
Inside, everything starts to burn and twist.
But I’m not in a hurry.
First, I do several cleansing enemas so that nothing gets in the way inside.
Then I wash myself and shave all the pubic hair and anus.
And around 6 pm I try to start.
I must say that I have a fairly large collection of various strap-ons.
From small 2 cm in diameter, to a rather impressive 7 cm in diameter and about 30 in length. Live lesbian com. Having prepared all the toys that I want to try today, I leisurely wear women’s stockings and a belt. Rollei sunglasses cam 100. Lesbian cam vids.

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