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The hypnotist smiled, looking out the window of his already ex-victim.
Well, well, this dealt with her feelings.
Rising from the bench, with the one where Roman and Milan were sitting before, the man went further, because he still has so much work to do.

Having appeared in such an institution for the first time, and not yet as a spectator, Roman felt that his member was about to burst with an excess of blood rush.
At first, the eggs whined nicely, and then, when the girls took off their bikini, and the cutest stripper sat down next to him, they just buzzed in pain.
As if feeling her attraction, the girl stopped at Roman and didn’t get off her for a long time.
Barely restraining himself, he could break at any moment, and plant this blond beauty.
But knowing from the movies that strippers should not be touched, Roman continued to endure pain in the scrotum.
His suffering was eased by a man who stepped onto the stage with a long silicone device in his hands, resembling a two-sided rubber member.
The strippers left the contestants and began alternately to lie down on a small couch installed in the center of the stage.
Inserting this long unit, a diameter of just over four centimeters, the girls made serifs with the marker, and the same man measured the depth of the dive by recording them on a screen board.
Those present gasped after each measurement and vigorously applauded the young beauties.
17, 18, and 22 centimeters, such was the result.
The participant won at number two.
Roman sighed with relief that it was not his passion that turned out to be the deepest vagina.
Next, the device is changed.
It was a black thick strap-on, with a hose and a pear at the end.
Inserting into the vagina, each participant pumped dildo, increasing it in diameter to the limit.
Their pussies were cracking at the seams, it seemed that the crotch would spread to the priests, but they endured with tears in their eyes.

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Continuing to make measurements in the girth, the referee finished writing them to the old results, and the audience still flooded with stormy ovations.
And once again won not his simpotazhka.
The participant won at number three with a score of 18, 8 centimeters, the one that had the smallest length.

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And this young talent, which Roman liked most of all, turned out to have the narrowest pussy.
“I wonder what the results of my Lerochka would have been,” Roman thought.
He could not wait to take these two units, and roll over his beloved.
But at that moment the judge announced a break, and the men were invited to the banquet hall.
Lera continued to lie on the floor in the company of all the same blondes.
They did not stop to caress her steamed body.
Now lying on her stomach, she gave them her back and hips.
Having disconnected from the world, Lerochka did not notice how two men entered.
Feeling a familiar hand on the pope, she shuddered when she slipped between her buttocks, and hitting her anus, crawled down the moistened gap.
All the same rough fingers, playfully tickling her wet pussy, trying to penetrate deep into her puffy rollers.
For a moment, she froze from such impudence.
Afraid to turn around.
Lera realized that this is the same hand that pulled the panties in the conference room during the award ceremony of Roman.
She shaken even more than the last time.
Squeezing her hips with all her strength, she began to rise, not looking at those who had come.
The hand immediately slipped out, and she did not understand who it was.
Professor and not familiar man, wrapped in the same sheets, stood opposite.
Lera immediately grabbed the sheet, and deftly threw it under her arms, wrapped her elastic chest.
She tried to leave, but the professor asked her to stay for a few words.
– Sit down Mrs:, the professor didn’t agree.
– Valeria, she added.
– Mrs. Top livejasmin models. Valeria, a rare and beautiful name, however, like you yourself.
I want to introduce you to my colleague and comrade, professor and chairman of the Academy of Sciences of the University of Helsinki.
Lera, peering into this physiognomy, recognized the man standing behind the conference.
This is the goblin, she thought.
With a reddish complexion, high and bulging forehead, but now without glasses, he looked at her, grinning.
Now everything fell into place, and she understood who had pulled off the panties, and labzal her between her legs.
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