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Sex roulette cam to cam. Free online sex indian. In general, the guys had to bring a certain mortgage, such super-deficient gifts, such as rare records, collection brandy, foreign vintage wines, and in general that it was impossible or very difficult to get it.
However, these were not quite gifts, but rather bets, for which the girls still had to fight.
The rules were that girls, naked or half-naked, lay on the carpet on their backs, and the game was held in one of the large apartments of the then establishment, where carpets were not a luxury, but an ordinary piece of furniture.
So, they lay down on a carpet in the form of daisy petals, heads to the center, legs apart, and invited the “bumblebees” to pollinate them in a circle.

The highlight was that if the bumblebee boy finished on the same girl he started, he not only kept his bet for himself, but also received the title of “king of bumblebees”, which gave him the right to any girl until the end of the meeting in any moment.
He had the right to just beckon with a finger, and she walked with him without a murmur.
At the same time, the number of girls was not limited; he could be at least with everyone until the party was over.
It was necessary to finish on the girl’s stomach so that everything was clear and without deception, and at the same time, without helping herself with her hands.
Truth and the number of circles was not limited.
The girls were instructed to lay their hands behind their heads and not move their legs, everything else was at their discretion.
In case of failure, the bet was lost and then distributed between the “petals”. Teen home cam sex. Sex roulette cam to cam.

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