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Katya, after spitting blood on the floor, prayed: -Your Majesty, forgive me, please, I will be your most devoted slave, just don’t beat me anymore.
She no longer resembled the self-assured, imperious Lady, who was just a few hours ago, she was beaten, humiliated, and resembled a slaughtered creature.
She realized that if Olgin’s conditions were not accepted now, then she could make her an invalid, and decided to play by Olgin rules for the time being to ease her fate, hoping to think of something later.

“Late, the bitch came to her senses, I’ll poke all my teeth out of your rotten mouth,” and she again struck two strongest blows to the face of the newly appeared slave.
From these blows Katerina lost consciousness.
“Bleed it, bitch, with water and bring it to consciousness,” Mrs. turned to the slaves.
Chmonya poured water into a bucket and poured Katya over her head and brought cotton wool and ammonia to her nose.
Kate opened her eyes and saw Olga in front of her, playing in her hand with a whip.
“I was puffed out,” she began to twist and pinch her nipples

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on Katya’s breast with force.
Long manicured nails pained at the flesh of the slave.
Kate was suffering pain, tears were pouring from her eyes.
– Crying, but I think it didn’t hurt when you scoffed at me in the same way.
You then could not have an extra word to say, look at you, it was necessary only with servility.
Now you are in my place, but you, fool, gave me freedom myself, I will never let you loose.

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What a beautiful life lies ahead of me.
Barbie, give me the clamps on my chest.
She placed the clamps on Katina’s chest.
-Now give us the weight, now we pull the boobs a little bit from this cow to make the udder.
Laughing, she began to hang loads on Catherine’s nipples.
Steel alligators squeezed nipples painfully, and when loads were added to them, Kate became completely unbearable.
-Now apply, clips on the ears and nose.
She put the clips on her ears and put them in her nose; she also hung a load on them.
Katya stood with drawn breasts and ears, the nasal septum drew back, and there was a feeling that she would tear now.
– Bring my favorite butterfly whip.
The slave filed a small whip, at the end of which was a butterfly shape, made of leather.
Olga began to beat Katina with her whip, trying to knock off the weights, but the clips were made of high-quality steel and held the skin tight, she struck more than a dozen blows so that they fell, leaving the whip on the body, red butterflies.
But even when they fell, it did not bring relief to Catherine, blood rushed into her nipples and pain pierced her chest, she screamed very hard.
When all the weights were knocked off the face, it was burning, Olga did not always hit the weights, and got her neck, ears, nose, and cheeks.
Olga told Chmone to put a gag in Katie’s mouth and give her a leather whip.
She began to slap the slave on the back and with every blow she became more and more enraged, she whipped like mad.
Olga did not count the blows, stopped only when the back of her former Lady was red with blood.
-Church, bring pepper and sprinkle, as should this slut back.
Bring her to life and leave her in the pads, let her think over her behavior.
The slaves did as the Mistress said.
Leaving Catherine in the basement, they went upstairs.
Olga went to the living room, sat down in a chair, as the throne and told Barbie to call all the slaves who were in the house.
A few minutes later, five naked slaves knelt in front of their beautiful Mistress.
– From this day I am the only Mrs. Webcam teen tube porn. Sexy dance girl webcam.

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