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My finger, accustomed to the soft obedience of the passage, felt the most powerful impulse that came from the front wall, and after that everything mixed up: idle moans, uncontrollable muscle contractions, the body trying to crawl off somewhere, free itself from the newcomer and at the same time not wanting it.
Finally, everything calmed down, calmed down, and for some time we sat or lay stunned by what happened with silly and satisfied smiles on our faces.
“Take it out quietly,” the woman first broke the silence, “and you turn off, finally, my vibrator, which is why he mixes air with you.”

We were silent again.
“That’s what,” the elder said again, “I was guilty and incurred my punishment.”
But there were some who did not report their own actions and, perhaps, also deserve to be punished.
My daughter did not expect such a turn of events and slightly blinked.
“First of all, I want to know,” Mom continued, “How far your relationship with this young

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man has gone, namely, have you still managed to preserve your virginity.”
– What are you, Mom, – scared the girl – we just kissed and.
and ironed.
Today, you have prepared something special for me, such that “will establish the type of our relationship forever.”
So you said.
I was at a loss.
On the one hand, I was scared, I was afraid of the unknown.
On the other hand, I was afraid to hear that I no longer need the services of my Lady.
Therefore, I fully obeyed your desires and decided to go to the end.
As always, I walked out of the bathroom in the same swimming trunks and headed for the bedroom.
I was in a hurry, t.
And my Mistress does not like to wait.
I was very worried, so everything fell out of my hands.
Entering the room, I saw you standing near the window.

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You had your fur coat up to your knees, which widened to the bottom and hid everything, and high-heeled boots.
I decided that something happened and you need to leave urgently !!! I was shocked and froze on the threshold.
“You make me wait,” you said, without even turning around.
– Something happened? – I was upset, so I forgot about all the rules of behavior.
– Why did you decide? And why did he open his mouth without my permission? !! – You turned around sharply.
Your eyes flashed in the light of a night light, and a shiver ran through my body.
I knew this look, I was guilty.
It was a game of Master and student.
But as I later understood, I was very mistaken.
But that was later, and now.
– Where have you been? Speak! – I.
– As always, the same thing.
Well, you have to punish you.
But today you are guilty twice – late and spoke without permission.
Therefore, you are waiting for a more serious punishment.
– With these words you came up to me gently pushed me to the floor.
I was ready for this, so I immediately knelt down.
– You know, for some time now it began to seem to me that you deliberately put me out of myself – this was your game, I did not know its rules, therefore I sensibly kept silent, and you continued.
– You stopped being a good boy.
I have to take action.
And yet, why forced? I want it and will be.
Do you agree with me? Speak! – Yes, Mistress.
– Good girl, girl.
But no, if you were a girl, then in the light of the last misdemeanors, the expression “rubbish girl” would be more appropriate for you.
Exactly !!! I thought up !!! You will play the role of a girl until I decide that you have reformed.
Or corrected.
We’ll see there.
You went to the closet, opened the door.
I continued to be in the dark about what you prepared for me.
When you reached for the box I knew, your fur coat lifted up, exposing your legs to its full length.
I had the opportunity to admire their slim and pleasant fullness.
– Well, lower your eyes, worthless girl! I know you are staring at my feet.
In the near future, you do not shine.
You took out the box and handed it to me.
I knew that I was in it, so I started putting on clothes without delay.
It was a costume from a completely different game.
I am completely confused.
Soon, I was wearing my favorite black stockings, high-heeled shoes and a black dress cropped in sleeves, with a white lace collar and a white apron, like housemaids.
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