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Nevertheless, a pretty short red-haired girl, the owner of a raised nose, a scattering of freckles on her face, a juicy third-size breast and an appetizing strong ass, almost every day had to listen to various intimate sentences.
The owner of the tavern immediately warned that there would be no way to avoid harassment at such work, but Jenny seemed only pleased.
No wonder – before the unchained enchantress such assortment of persons opened! Representatives of various races (although they mostly visited people in the inn), professions, social strata, ages — Jenny felt as if she were in a shop.

She paid attention not only to the appearance of a potential lover of entertainment, but also to his manners, internally determining for herself how far she would allow him to go.
Rough and ugly received a turn from the gate, seasoned in the case of special insistence with a powerful telekinetic strike, well, then, depending on the qualities of the suitor, his actions and her mood, Jenny could let her chest cuddle, give a hot kiss; if everything worked out very well – caress the treasure hiding between the legs (handles, chest or even mouth), well, some of the most successful were waiting for a short and fast, but from no less pleasant sex in a secluded corner in the backyard of the tavern.
And, of course, the girl did not allow the lucky ones to consider her location simply due, included in the value of orders, and sought generous tips for a pleasantly spent time.
In general, the intimate life of a waitress Jenny was quite active, and regular magical prophylaxis saved her from any kind of infection and unwanted pregnancy. Watch dirty sexy money online free. Online czech public sex.

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