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Galka was going to work.
And she worked as an ordinary prostitute at the point.
She liked this job.

Constantly on the verge of a foul, walking on the blade gave such a surge of adrenaline that she simply could not live without it.
The strangest, indefinite and terrible clients were given to her.
And she easily coped with everyone, bringing income to the firm and staying with big tips.
The truth sometimes had to be treated.
and not only from sexually transmitted diseases.
But she did not lose heart and, it seemed, each time only grew stronger and swam in extreme sports like a fish in water.
So in this hot evening, she put at least on her not skinny body, exposing her buttocks, not covered with thongs, half out of the short skirt.
Tall heels accentuated even slightly plump legs, I low neckline opened a hollow with hemispheres of the breasts.

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The blouse is so thin and almost transparent that large nipples were visible through it.
Slowly, slightly shaking her hips, she walked down the street, not paying attention to the men and women looking back at her.
At the point, as always, was driven by Konstantin, a little puny little man of indeterminate age.
He handled the girls by sending them to customers or with customers who drove up to the point.
With a trained eye he determined the purse cash content, tastes and orientation in the sex of clients and almost always accurately sent certain girls.
He rarely made a mistake, but if overlays did occur, then two assistants always forced all sides to compromise, either by clicking on the client or on the priestesses of love for their heads.
Galka smoked and chatted with the girls when Constantine called her.

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A decent man in an expensive foreign car with tinted windows impatiently tapped his fingers on the steering wheel.
When Konstantin came up with Galya, he carefully looked at her from head to foot and asked Konstantin: “Are you sure?” He silently nodded his head and, taking the advance payment, whispered softly in Galka’s ear: “Oh, friend.
hold on
This is your style! Perverts still those.
you have four hours. ”
She got into the car and saw in the backseat two more pairs of men’s attentive eyes.
Inside, something immediately ached and curled up, in anticipation of the adventure.
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