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She tried to explain this to Alexey, but he only doldon it.
Later, Nastia, in communicating with her friend, learned that it was possible for Alexey to work for herself, in order to achieve such results in muscle growth and now this is having an effect.
Nastya decided to reliably verify this.

She found an opportunity to stay with Alexey for the night and, waiting for the boy to fall asleep, attempted a check.
She carefully, trying not to wake Alexey, lowered his pants and pulled out his penis.
The body of the guy was soft, but voluminous and could hardly fit in a palm clenched in a fist.
Nastya began to gently move her fist, trying to caress the organ and excite it.
She did it very carefully and gently, so that the guy would not wake up, and did not notice her attempts.
The girl expected that the organ would become aroused and become hard, but five minutes had passed, and the boy’s member, although it had become a little harder, was still soft and did not increase in size.
Deciding that her friend was right, Nastya turned her face to the wall and fell asleep with sad thoughts.
She woke up from the fact that she felt some movement and touch to her body.
Opening her eyes and listening to the sensations, she realized that her panties were being pulled off her.
Turning her head in the direction of Alexey, she saw that the guy is looking down her body and is doing something there and immediately felt something hot and hard touching her hips and slits.
Then there was a strong push, which should have been inserted into her cave by an excited member of the guy, but the wrong direction of push caused the member to jump.

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Instead of joy and excitement, Nastya again experienced fear: “Now it will be very painful for me !!!”, which made the girl clench into a ball again.
And then, as Alexey did not try to insert his body into Nastya’s bosom, he ran into resistance and refusal.
The girl began to cry in her voice, pouring streams of tears.
She didn’t say anything and didn’t ask for anything, she just cried for fear, as if she was again on the big parent’s bed in that terrible room with Pavel.
After a series of unsuccessful attempts, a member of Alexei began to fall off, and the guy, in frustrated feelings, went into the shower.
While he was washing and was about to leave, Nastya lay, facing away from the wall, angry at herself and at him.
“Why not so that everything is on time!”, – only this thought tormented her.
And then the door slammed, and Alexey no longer appeared in her life.
Since then, she completely could not stand the big men.
Working in the St. Bongacams 888 sex live 888. Petersburg office, Nastya noticed that one of the clerks stares at her more than the

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His name was Max, and he was a real estate manager.
He began a rapprochement with simple greetings and smiles, which probably lasted a month.
At that time, as the other men of the office, had repeatedly invited her for a cup of coffee and a date, they were asking for flowers, Maxim continued to say hello and smile.
And when all the men were refused in one form or another, Maxim chose the moment and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.
Just like that, for no reason.
He said: “This is for you, just like that!” And again two weeks of smiles and greetings.
And then it was raining.
Unexpected and strong.
She walked down the street when streams of water collapsed from above and instantly soaked through.
She ran to the subway station, trying to find protection and rescue there, but was stopped by a familiar voice: “Nastya! Run here, I’ll take you! ”It was Maxim, who magically turned out to be in the right place at the right time.
Land Cruiser Tayota.
Nastya knew how her father dreamed of such a car.
And now she understood why.
This is not a car.
This is a spacecraft made for humans.
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