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Sophie dragged her sister along, trying things on herself, then on her.
Yes, she was the ringleader in the family, the youngest, rather modest girl, listened to her little sister in everything, but even in her head there were frail thoughts.
So, having gotten into one of the boutiques, Sophie took a few little things and, together with Yulya, climbed into the fitting room.

– And let’s arrange a fashion show for Uncle Vanya? – suggested the elder sister.
She began to take off her clothes, dressing up in new clothes.
– Come on! – Julia was pleased to support her, also trying on new clothes.
The first from behind the curtain appeared to Sophie and the beginning.
– Uncle Wan, we are here decided to show you the defile, so watch and enjoy! – The girl slipped behind the curtain and literally in a few seconds went out from there with her sister.
They were in new blouses and beautiful skirts, revealing their beautiful legs on high-heeled shoes.
The girls spun in front of the man, showing their young bodies and just as quickly as they appeared in front of him, they closed the curtain and began to change their clothes again.
Only Sophie emerged and, having run away for new clothes, and returned back.
This was repeated several times, while the man gazed with delight at the young girls who were in front of him.
He so wanted to go back ten years ago to feel like a young guy again, ready to play up after every short skirt.
Although he was not a blunder even now.
Easy excitement began to excite his mind, but he threw this feeling aside, waiting for the new release of the girls.
– I will not wear it! – Julia was indignant behind the curtain! – He’s small to me! – Nothing! Come on, get dressed! After a couple of minutes, the curtain reopened and Sophie came out in front of her uncle in a new swimsuit.

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Her second size lay comfortably in the cup, and her ass was framed by a gum leopard string.
She was wearing a very narrow swimsuit consisting of only two cups and a pair of strings.
There was a feeling that if she moved a little bit, then all the strings that were on her neck, that were on her hips, would immediately open and the whole outfit would fall down.
Lush chest bulged out of small cups, so that most, as it seemed to Ivan, was outside, not inside a swimsuit.
The girls’ big hips swayed measuredly as she stepped out from behind her sister.
Her hands held a magnificent chest, because she was terribly afraid that they simply simply pulled down shaky ties.
But the terrible look of the elder still forced her to spread her arms to the sides and show the man a full bust.

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must say that Uncle barely restrained his arousal.
For the third time in a day, he saw his nephew in such a depraved form and already imagined somewhere deep in his fantasies as the chest of a shy girl pulls at her and pulls off her bra.
But this show quickly ended.
Sophie dragged Yulenka back behind the curtain, with a sharp movement pulled off her bra and kissed her nipples sticking out of excessive excitement.
The hand fell on the narrow pussy of a girl who was already godlessly wet.
– It seems we will have to buy our swimsuits.
– The elder sister’s plan was starting to come into action.
Home girls returned with a mountain of bags.
The man did not stint on gifts, spending his savings on young girls, and they, taking the opportunity, bought all the most beautiful and expensive.
Already at home, the girls again began to measure things.
Sophie sometimes gave Julia to put on her clothes, but they either didn’t fit on a big chest, or she was bulging strongly.
But it was precisely such moments that Yulia liked, she smiled proudly, feeling her attraction.
Once again, pulling her sister’s blouse, she could barely fasten the buttons on her chest, and then only after a full exhalation.
The gaps between the buttons were strongly stretched and showed the naked chest of the girl.
At that moment Ivan knocked on the room and immediately opened the door.
From surprise, Yulenka took a deep breath, and the flimsy buttons fired at the wall, breaking away from their place.
The blouse spread on the breast of the younger girl and bared her in front of the man.
Uncle managed to enjoy the full breasts of his niece before she grabbed her skirt and cover up the shame.
– Dinner is ready, I ordered a pizza, will you? – the man rather talked with Julia’s breasts, rather than with the girls, because his gaze only looked there. Live masturbation chat. India sex live chat.

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